15 Czech Expressions For When It’s Hotter than Hot

You’ll find there’s no better time than the present to practice your Czech vocabulary for extreme heat!

Expats.cz Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by Expats.cz StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 06.08.2018 12:06:24 (updated on 06.08.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

The extreme heat wave gripping most of the Continent is expected to continue this week with record highs once again expected to hit in countries throughout Europe, including the Czech Republic where temps should climb to over 35°C.

(So far the highest temperature recorded this year was in Řež u Prahy – 37.6°C!).

In between chasing the sprinkler truck or taking a dip at your local pool, there’s no better time than the present to practice your Czech hot-weather phrases, while enjoying a cold beer, of course:

Outside it’s like (Je tam jak)…

  • …ve výhni / in a blacksmith’s forge
  • …v pekárně / in a bakery
  • …v pekle / in hell
  • …v peci / in the oven
  • …na Sahaře / on the Sahara
  • …v pazderně / a room for processing flax that reaches 35°C

Hot like (Horko jako)…

  • …v peřinách / in a duvet
  • …horko jako za kamny / in the oven
  • …jako v huti / an ironworks
  • …v prd*li / in the a*s!


Just plain hot

  • Vedro – Heat: Bylo po celý den nesnesitelné vedro. / The heat throughout the day was unbearable.
  • Parno – Steamy: The headlines that dominate the media when temps rise above 30°C are considered parnografie! (from Cestina 2.0)
  • Hic – Any day where the temperature exceeds 30°C can be referred to as hic, from the German hitz.
  • Pařák – Slang for a real scorcher (also used to refer to the device used for steaming dumplings).

And when you are sweating more than usual, you can say, just as you would in English, that you are sweating like a pig / Potí se jako prase.

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