Formé clinic
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Formé clinic is a newly opened clinic in Prague, situated in an excellent location, right on the Wenceslas Square. We are the plastic surgery clinic, providing a wide range of plastic surgery treatments. The aim of our clinic is to be different to other private facilities, namely by a quality service and offering a wide scale of services to our clients. We put an emphasis on a perfect, accommodating and informed staff. We want our medical care to be a fully customizable experience to our customer, who can expect extraordinary services. Come to visit our specialists, Dr P.J. Vašek and Dr T. Beneš on a free consultation.

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Forme clinic experience

Reviewed by Lisa R 02.05.2023
My dream of big breasts has come true. Thanks to Dr Berkes, I have the size I've always wanted. He is very experienced and willing to help. The clinic provides fantastic care.

Breast reduction - Dr Lhotsky

Reviewed by user 15.03.2023
Very good and qualified surgeon. The surgery helped me gain confidence. It is such a relief to have normal sized breasts after years of suffering. My back pain is gone and I am grateful to Dr Lhotsky for his amazing work and very kind attitude.

Facelift at Forme clinic

Reviewed by Amelie Cole 25.01.2023
I underwent a deep facelift at the Forme clinic, operated on by Dr Lhotsky. The procedure promises a significantly rejuvenated appearance and tightened skin. The result of the surgery amazed me and my surroundings. The surgery took 10 years off my age. What I appreciate most is that the face is still completely natural, it does not give the impression of having been interfered with at all. I would like to highlight the absolute professionalism... read more


Reviewed by Carlie H 16.12.2022
Fantastic care and professional staff. I felt very safe at the clinic and I trusted the doctor. The result is amazing.

Dr Dychus experience

Reviewed by user 08.11.2022
Two months ago, I had abdominoplasty surgery with Dr Dychus. I could not have asked for a better result and care. The surgery went smoothly and I felt pretty good after waking up from anesthesia. The incision healed well from the beginning and is very nicely hidden under my panties. I will definitely continue to recommend this surgery and clinic.


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