Private mental health consultations

Private mental health consultations

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Hi. My name is Jan. I'm a Dutch (male) native, living in Prague. I trained and worked professionally as a clinical psychologist for adults in Scotland, UK, for a period of about 8 years. I also worked as a therapist online for some time after that, before starting a private practice in Prague.

If you speak English or Dutch (Nederlands) I can maybe help you with moving forward in your life. If you are going through life changes that are challenging for you, or are having issues coping with your life as it is right now, or are suffering from problems related to depressive mood, anxiety, relationships, confidence or loss, maybe I can help you make progress.

If you are "ok" but feel you want to get more out of life or something is missing, perhaps I can help you with that too using a more coaching-type approach.

My background has been in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), but I would probably describe myself as eclectic, using concepts and ideas from CBT, solution-focused or coaching approaches.

People have described me as very friendly, easy to talk to, trustworthy, communicative, analytic, empathetic and understanding. I'd like to think these are qualities that might help you.

So if you need a professional, empathetic, friendly and confidential listening ear, I can be that for you. However, I will also try and help you make and experience positive change, be it in what or how you think, what you do, and how you feel.

IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID pandemic, I started seeing people ONLY via online video (Zoom). Both myself and clients have experienced that this can actually be an advantage (e.g. better appointment time flexibility, no need to leave home, no need to park a car in the city etc.) so unless stated here otherwise, I will continue to meet via online video chat (Zoom) only.

It is also important to know that I do not see people with the following issues:

- more severe and/or longstanding psychiatric issues
- if you're looking for an official psychiatric diagnosis
- if you suffer from suicidal thoughts and/or self-harming behaviour
- if alcohol or substance use/abuse is an issue for you
- if eating disorders are an issue
- addictions in general
- if you want couple counselling

I would advise you to contact a psychiatrist or another health professional in that case.

Please contact me in advance for information on rates and to make an initial appointment. You can email me here:

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Exactly what I needed

Reviewed by jacopo marchesin 25.01.2023
My experience with Jan was extremely positive, he changed my life for good! I came with him when I was in the lowest point of my life and he helped me in such perfect way that it’s even hard to describe in words. He always addressed me with the right questions, he helped me to go through past traumas, lack of confidence, he helped me to see the challenges and the things that were blocking me in a more rational way. He helped me to deal with... read more

Professional and friendly!

Reviewed by user 22.08.2021
As the title says! I would recommend him to anyone, who wants to understand themselves and learn how to manage their emotions better.

Hugely beneficial

Reviewed by Peter Strauli 18.07.2021
Jan is a sensitive listener and really helped me understand my feelings. He has a calm and friendly way about him and I always felt comfortable talking to him and knowing he'd understand and be able to respond thoughtfully. He is not the kind of therapist to just listen and give nothing back, he engaged in much more of a conversation and in the process provided me with really useful tips on how to start to analyse my thought patterns. I'm very... read more

Life changing

Reviewed by user 13.04.2021
Jan helped me in many ways to lead a different, calmer life. I went to him being completely unable to handle my personal relationships, feeling lost and overwhelmed. Having gone through the sessions with Jan, I feel finally equipped to face difficulties and dare I say enjoy life and be more comfortable with who I am. He is calm and accepting, with a great sense of humour. Professional, always on time, and a great listener. I highly... read more

Trustworthy and Professional

Reviewed by user 10.06.2020
Jan is a real professional and his approach will help you through your hard times. He is friendly and that will make you open up shortly. He is a good listener and also knows what to ask and when to ask which leads the sessions to be smooth and going in the right direction. Whatever the topic is he'll always be professional, calm and careful to show you the way with his questions and advice. After his sessions I became much more aware about my... read more


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