ABA strategie s.r.o.

ABA strategie s.r.o.

Zenklova 2/37, Praha 8, 18000 Now closed - opens

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ABA strategy s.r.o. is a non-state medical facility providing behavioral intervention to children with autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Teaching strategies are based on applied behavioral analysis with a focus on the development of communication (verbal behavior analysis, VB/ABA).

Our main goal is to provide high-quality behavioral analysis services to children with disabilities, which can help them alleviate the symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders, develop their potential and thus increase their chances of successful inclusion in ordinary life. An integral part of our services is the training of parents or other caregivers, whose role is irreplaceable in the development of a child's skills.

We offer the following services (in English and Czech)
- ABA therapy (1:1)
- ABA supervision (training provided for parents, teachers, or other caregivers)
- Seminars, workshops, webinars

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