Moravian wine gets a stylish new treatment in Prague

Wonder Wines Bar invites wine lovers to drink in the taste of wines from Moravia and beyond from its Smíchov space.

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Anyone heading to Prague will certainly want to sample a pint of liquid gold, the country's most famous export. But that doesn't mean overlooking the country's wine culture: in a recent poll, 73% of Czechs said they prefer to drink wine. Beer came in a close second at 65%.

Of course, when it comes to the quantity consumed by locals, beer wins over wine, but the latter beverage is the preferred choice for special occasions. Czechs turn to wine during some of life's most important moments, a drink to go along with more intimate occasions, like parties and dinners. For visitors, raising a glass of local wine instead of a pint of beer lets you taste a different side of Czech gastro culture.

The Wonder Wines Bar is the perfect place to begin your journey around the world of Czech wines. The bar's prominent collection of wines from all over the world includes Moravian wines from the heart of the Czech winemaking region. Wines from Moravia are consistently the most popular among Czechs who prefer the taste and aroma of wines from their own terroir.

These wines are also a treat for wine lovers from all over the world who want to really experience the culture of the city and live the lives of the locals. Moravian wine has a long history and has roots in the Roman empire, France, and Germany. It has an original flavor of berries and mulberry, blackberries and blackcurrant, and warm tones of dark chocolate, all wrapped up in a spicy aroma.

Moravian wines are underappreciated, especially the red variety. But Wonder Wines Bar offers both red, white, and sparkling Moravian wines in an effort to serve the very best of local flavors. All wines served at the bar have been given high rankings by the world’s largest wine marketplace and review portal Vivino.

The bar has a selection of the best wines with Vivino ratings far above average and which are hard to find in other bars. You can enjoy a glass of wine or coffee on the spot in the inviting atmosphere of the bar or take a bottle home with you at the same price offered on the online store.

The other cornerstone of the Wonder Wines Bar’s philosophy is the notion of creating a journey not just through Czechia but around the world. At the bar, you can find the best wines from New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, or even France and Germany, a selection of wines that have very similar roots to their Moravian counterparts. You could even invite the locals to taste wines from your home country or wines from places you have or want to travel to, making wine tasting an adventure. 

The people behind the business carefully select every wine before it is added to the bar’s collection. This selection process is not only based on wine ratings, but also on creating a compilation of wines based on their geographic origins and history so each one compliments the other wines in the collection.

Every wine is evaluated by the bar owners themselves. New wines are presented during wine testing where everybody can share a new taste with delicious food. Such tastings run mostly once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. Not only new wines but also well-known wines could be seasonally tasted. This summer the tasting started with champagne and caviar, a combination of true sparkling summer pleasure.

Local snacks, cheeses, grapes, jam, jamon, salchichon, desserts, and a variety of other nibbles pair perfectly with your wine and enhance an already pleasurable visit.

The Wonder Wines Bar also offers entertainment. See a champagne bottle opened with a real saber using the Sabrage method, creating a memory you won’t soon forget.(Napoleon’s army used this technique when celebrating victories!) This unique method of opening a champagne bottle was introduced by the famous French Hussars, a regiment that rode off in the early morning hours with their complimentary bottle of champagne. "I drink champagne when I win, to celebrate... and I drink champagne when I lose, to console myself," Napoleon said. 

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