Who are LasSaboritas? Meet the duo behind Prague's most flavorful Twitter feed

Ana and Alison look forward to sharing their point of view, learning from reader insight, and seeing more of what the Czech capital has to offer

Las Saboritas

Written by Las Saboritas Published on 17.04.2020 15:38:59 (updated on 17.04.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

@LasSaboritas is the name and Twitter handle of two foodie friends who met in Prague and bonded over a shared love of food. “Sabor” is the Spanish word for flavor, so roughly translated, “Las Saboritas” means flavorful women. Let’s meet these two ladies who roam Prague looking for the next perfect bite.

Ana and Alison, @LasSaboritas / photo by the authors

Ana: The Connoisseur

Ana is a first-generation Mexican-American who grew up in Wyoming and lived in the Seattle, Washington area for 25 years before moving to Prague in 2016.  Ana grew up in a family of accomplished cooks and she learned to appreciate well-made food. From making pizzas at her high school job to eating pizza in Rome, Ana loves to travel the world looking for unique food experiences.  

Ana’s food philosophy:  life is too short for bad food and bad service. 

Alison: The Chef

Alison is a Chilean-American born and raised in California. She has lived in Spain, Ireland, the Philippines, and Thailand working as a chef turned F&B consultant. Over a decade in professional kitchens, she has run the gamut: flipping burgers in a bowling alley, pâtissier under a Michelin-starred chef, start-ups, pop-ups, and complete flops. She knows the hard work that goes into making a successful food venture. For Alison, whether it’s fine dining or street food, a quality restaurant is all about care. 

Alison arrived in Prague in 2018 to study a master’s degree. With food at the heart of culture, she believes that learning how people eat is crucial to understanding a new country. Also beer. Never underestimate the importance of beer.

Ana & Alison: Why they tweet about their dinners

Does Prague need more foreigners’ comments on the local food scene? Of course!

As new expats, Ana and Alison dug for information about restaurants and nightlife in Prague. The best info was in Czech while nearly everything in English was aimed at tourists. What about expats who don’t read Czech yet? What about people who want to avoid gimmicky trdelník or flavorless guláš in a bread bowl? How can the expat community explore what makes the Prague food scene unique? 

Since the food content they wanted didn’t exist, Ana and Alison decided to write it themselves. Starting with restaurant reviews, they rate food, drinks, service, and atmosphere. Their aim is to help English-speakers decide if a restaurant is worth a visit. 

This is where their 1-5 chile emoji rating scale comes in:

? Negative experience. Will not return, do not recommend.

?? Edible. Nothing memorable.

??? OK. Good value, acceptable service. Visit when in the neighborhood.

???? Above average food and service. Worth a trip across town.

????? Excellent spot. We are regulars and recommend highly. 

250+ reviews later the evolving Prague scene keeps @LasSaboritas busy. What a perfect excuse to keep eating out! Ana and Alison’s comments are honest. Good or bad, they are not afraid to tell it like it is. That’s why they are teaming up with Expats.cz to invite people along on their food and drinking adventures around Prague. They look forward to sharing their point of view, learning from reader insight, and seeing more of what the Czech capital has to offer.  

Visit them on Twitter today to tweet your recommendations and requests.

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