Vinohradská Street’s Design Appeal

Burned out on IKEA? Take a stroll up Prague’s Vinohradská Street for inspiration

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 26.08.2014 09:45:46 (updated on 26.08.2014) Reading time: 3 minutes

Walking up Vinohradská from Muzeum metro to Jiřího z Poděbrad, you can’t help but notice all the interior design shops lining the street. We took a stroll and found plenty that can add a bit of class, fun or non-Ikea style to your home.

Aida Home, Vinohradská 19

This big shop on the corner is hard to miss, no thanks to its near complete lack of signage. Aida is a bit princess-like with lots of sparkles and silk. A good choice if you are looking for textiles.

Rott Design, Vinohradská 21

Solid custom-made wooden furniture comes from this family-run company. If you need something special or massive, Rott will have you covered in the table and chair arena. While the majority of their products fall under a dining room line, items for the bedroom, benches and other tables are also made.

Rott's solid custom furniture
Rott’s solid custom furniture

Hästens, Vinohradská 33

For those who put a lot of emphasis on sleeping, the incredible mattresses and linens found at Hästens will have you drifting off in ultimate luxury. They have a blue and white check pattern going on for their huge mattresses, which also come with a hefty price tag.

Hulsta, Vinohradská 34

This is a pretty good one – nice lines for those interested in a sleek, contemporary look. Hulsta, a German furniture manufacturer, offers a different look thanks to the interesting woods and textures. The shop also offers items from other European collections including Italian lamp manufacturer Fontana Arte and couches from the DIE Collection. Best for living and dining rooms.

Interesting textures and woods at Hulsta
Interesting textures and woods at Hulsta

Design Propaganda, Vinohradská 34

This is the place for the fun, whimsical items you are looking for. Ceramic candleholders designed to look like tuffs of grass; a few funky clocks and great floor and ceiling lamps. Lots of chairs. Like many of the shops on the street, a number of different brands are on offer so you can be inspired by something large or little.

Feydom, Vinohradská 37

This was a pretty cool place. Feydom makes modular furniture, which looks much cooler than it sounds. A Macedonian manufacturer, their couches can be split up and moved around to create chairs, ottomans, an extra bed – really whatever you want to do with them.

Feydom's building-block bed, chairs, couches
Feydom’s building-block bed, chairs, couches

Steff Nickolson, Vinohradská 39

For those looking for some serious furniture, Steff Nickolson might be the place for you. There are two boutiques right next door to each other, a ‘classic’ and a ‘modern’. The shop sells a number of imported brands, mainly from England, and offers a more formal look.

Stockist, Vinohradská 41 (also at Na Příkopě 24)

A number of contemporary manufacturers are brought together under the roof of Stockist, which offers fun, functional pieces for nearly every room in the house. Chairs, tables and lamps are most prevalent at the Vinohradská shop, but the store is quite large, be sure to walk all the way through – it gets more contemporary as you go along.

Bold and funky at Stockist
Bold and funky at Stockist

Aukční dům, Vinohradská 38

If you like to poke around or are looking for something different, check out the showroom of Aukční dům. Paintings, knickknacks, sometimes furniture – the selection changes regularly here as the company also holds auctions.

VIP Nábytek, Vinohradská 43

Their showroom is mainly filled with accessories, heavy on the bling. They also operate an e-shop at their website with a wide range of furnishings for the entire house. Style here is modern contemporary – narrow lines and neutral styling.

Thun, Vinohradská 61

Thun, the famous Czech porcelain maker, has a large shop on Vinohradská for any and all porcelain needs. They also have nearly as many glass products as well.

Discounted retro finds from the Modernista outlet
Discounted retro finds from the Modernista outlet

Pavilon, Vinohradská 50

We saved the best for last, a mother lode of interior inspiration under one roof. The entire building underwent reconstruction in 2013, reopening as a design center. It’s great to see this Antonín Turek building being put to such beautiful use. Entering from Vinohrady, Stockist occupies the main floor; prices here are 20-60% less than at their retail shop. The first level houses a mini-garden explosion thanks to Mario Wild Flovers (that’s not a typo), and the sleekly redesigned Café Pavilon. Moving to the top floor, the Modernista outlet has some great retro items and Lugi offers a number of wooden objects. Climb up to the winter garden for outdoor furniture there (and the view down through the building). 

What have we missed? Share your tips for shopping this district.

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