VIDEO: This Thai massage studio was the first ever established in Prague

We spoke with Thai World's Vladislava Adamenkova to find out more about one of Prague's oldest massage studios Staff

Written by Staff Published on 18.08.2020 18:16:01 (updated on 18.08.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

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Established in 1999 around the corner from Prague’s Old Town Square, Thai World was the very first Thai massage studio established in the Czech Republic.

We recently spoke with Thai World’s Vladislava Adamenkova to learn more about the benefits of Thai massage, why you might want to book a treatment at Thai World, and how the company is coping following changes brought about by the recent coronavirus crisis.

“This was the first massage studio ever established in Prague in 1999,” Adamenkova told us.

“My mom bought Thai World from a guy who actually helped bring these ladies to the Czech Republic 21 years ago. We invest everything we have in high quality massage […] All of our masseuses have at least sixteen to twenty-four years of experience.”

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

“Thai massage has additional health benefits apart from tension relief and relief of stiffness in the body, it also helps with the lymphatic of energy in the body,” says Adamenkova.

“Thai massage is, I would say, for everyone really, to get relaxed, to get rid of stress,  to get rid of back pain, headaches, migraines. If people have serious problems after injuries then this can help a lot.”

We also spoke about how Prague was recovering from a months-long government shutdown, and how Thai World’s business in particular has been impacted and how they have implemented new sanitary measures.

“During the massage all our masseuses wear masks and they disinfect their hands just in front of the customers so that they see that everything is all right,” assures Adamenkova.

“Our business has been impacted, we have lost about 90% of our customers, however here we are trying to move forward and offer incentives for people to come. We would like to offer 30% off for the expat community in Prague!”

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