VIDEO: How to properly choose and install a car seat in Czechia

Learn how to properly buy and install a car seat in the Czech Republic in a video from the driving experts at Autoškola King. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.10.2023 16:07:00 (updated on 03.10.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Traveling with young kids can be overwhelming enough as it is, but all parents know that one of the trickiest parts of transporting little ones involves choosing and installing the correct car seat.

This video by the driving experts at Autoškola King is a great reference for how to choose and install your car seat properly in the Czech Republic (the video is in Czech with English subtitles).

Pavel Greiner, owner of Autoškola King tells us that if you want to safely transport a child and the child measures less than 150 cm and weighs less than 36 kg you need to use a car seat (autosedačka) or a booster seat (podsedák).

If you're uncertain about which type of car seat to choose, Mr. Greiner offers this tip: check the back of the seat and you should find a label that shows the seat's weight guidelines.

What's interesting to note is that in the Czech Republic, children can actually sit in any seat in the car – except the driver's seat.

When using an infant seat (in Czech called egg-style, or vajíčko) in the front seat of the car, the car seat should face the seat of the car and the airbag should be turned off. Seats for older children should face the front of the car and the airbag should remain on.

If you are transporting three children and can't fit three car seats, kids older than 3 years are allowed to sit in the middle with a seat belt.

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