Driver's training for employees can now be done completely online

One Czech driving school is helping businesses get their key employees licensed to drive

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 26.11.2020 16:21:00 (updated on 22.05.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Employees who will be using company-owned vehicles in the Czech Republic are required to undergo special training on their rights and responsibilities. For non-Czech speakers, finding a training center that offers these courses in English can be tricky, while COVID has complicated the process of learning in person.

One Prague-based school is currently the only school in the Czech Republic to offer online lessons in both English and Czech for driver-employees. After many years of offering traditional instruction the school's owner decided to launch his unique online course.

“The greatest benefits of e-learning for employees is time-saving, speed and flexibility, along with simplicity and quality,” said Pavel Greiner, chief executive and owner of Autoškola KING (KING Driving School) and the KING E-Learning portal. Besides testing, e-learning also provides information in a comprehensive interactive graphical format.

King E-learning is part of the KING driving school group, which was established in 2007. They have become long-term experts in the field of driver training. The driving school is focused on theory and practical teaching for all groups of driving licenses in Czech and in English.

Autoskola KING Pavel Greiner
Autoskola KING Pavel Greiner

“Other benefits are efficiency and convenience because we enter data only once, the program stores the data, and subsequently works with them – it notifies of upcoming dates and times for re-training, changes in legislation, and anything new going on,” he added. Customers can also use a non-stop hotline free of charge.

The courses are prepared to engage learners with multimedia and interactive elements. Simple, straightforward instructions allow students to progress at their own pace. The courses contain assessment questions, recaps, and quizzes to help information stick.

Students are brought up to speed on technicalities, such as who is responsible for maintaining the vehicle properly or whether or not the driver can mix in personal trips for shopping with company business.

Autoskola KING online learning
Autoskola KING online learning

"We also offer professional driver's licences, training in hazardous load transportation, and working with fork-lift trucks," said Greiner who added that they are currently working with government institutions to help the unemployed with re-qualification.

Additional topics such as when to notify the police of an accident, how to deal with fatigue, and safety precautions are also covered in the online course. The company has seen a surprise hit in its instructional videos, most of which have English subtitles, some of which (like their lesson on how to parallel park) have gone viral!

"Our aim is to make all of the necessary services conveniently accessible all in one place," he adds.

They also offer e-learning and in-person and instruction on a range of other important topics such as occupational safety and fire safety, first aid, professional driving licenses, and the transport of dangerous goods.  

Greiner and King E-Learning have cooperated with a number of large Czech companies, teaching employees from Dermacol, Aquapalace, and Czech universities how to safely operate company vehicles.

The school is currently working on expanding its language offering to include Russian and further developing its e-learning services.

"We would like our customers to leave with the feeling that they have been looked after well and that they have received all the necessary information or licences needed to help their career," said Greiner.

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