The vast majority of Czechs spend their vacations close to home

Some 80 percent of Czechs travel domestically for vacation, according to Eurostat

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 17.07.2019 15:00:22 (updated on 17.07.2019) Reading time: 3 minutes

Most Czechs don’t travel very far for vacations, and that is
typical for people in the European Union.

80 percent of Czechs travel domestically, according to Eurostat.

the EU, about three-quarters of people stay in
their own country. “Some 73.3 percent [of
trips] were
domestic trips but in terms of nights spent and expenditure, domestic
trips accounted for 56.1 percent and 42.7 percent of the total
respectively,” Eurostat states, based in 2017 figures.

most EU countries, the domestic market was dominant; only for
Belgium, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta and Slovenia this was not the
case. Belgian and Luxembourgish tourists made more outbound trips to
one single foreign country (France) than those made inside their own
country,” Eurostat said, adding that compared to 2016, the number
of tourist trips of the EU population increased by 4 percent.

spend most of their time traveling domestically, at 94 percent,
while less than 2 percent of people from tiny Luxembourg stay home.

The most popular destinations, in terms of nights spent, within the EU for people who travel outside their home country is Spain, followed by Italy, France, Germany and Greece. The Czech Republic ranked 12th as a destination for non-Czech EU citizens, getting 2 percent of the total overnight stays.

Cesky Krumlov, Bohemia, Czech Republic - May 03, 2017: Picturesque medieval Krumlov Castle in Cesky Krumlov on the banks of the Vltava River, Bohemia, Czech Republic. High observation tower and bell tower. Ancient classical architecture of Central Europe.
Český Krumlov

most popular destinations for EU residents leaving the EU are the US,
Switzerland and Turkey. “Destinations outside Europe made up only
15.1 percent of all outbound trips: 5.8 percent to America, 5.1
percent to Asia and 3.7 percent to Africa. Only 0.5 percent of trips
had Oceania as a destination,” Eurostat stated.

the average at EU level, big differences were observed; at least one
in five outbound trips made by British tourists had a destination
outside Europe while no more than 5 percent of Bulgarian, Croatian,
Maltese, Romanian or Slovenian trips were to another continent,”
Eurostat added.


Cars are the preferred means of transport for most EU residents, while the French and Germans prefer to travel by train. Only people who live on islands prefer planes.

is hard to separate business for pleasure travel. In 2017, EU
residents made 1.255 billion trips for personal or professional
purposes and spent 6.374 billion nights during those trips. Tourist
expenditure amounted to EUR 505.172 billion.

Czech cottage

Czechs, going to the cottage is still a big destination, but
increasingly it is not to the family cottage but to a rented one in
another location so people can experience something new. Cottages
with swimming pools or access to water recreation are in particular

The Czech Republic has lots to explore, and recently two new UNESCO World Heritage Sites were added, bringing the country’s total to 14.

For Czechs that travel abroad, Croatia is still the top country, followed by Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Austria and Egypt, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ).

figures from NMS Market Research suggests that 47 percent of Czech
people plan their holidays long in advance and 37 percent who leave
it at the last minute. Less than a fifth go to the same place as
previously and do not have to plan anything.

dolni vitkovice
Technical monument at Dolní Vítkovice. via Raymond Johnston

Prague Castle was again the most visited tourist destination in the Czech Republic last year. According to CzechTourism, the order of the other two places has not changed compared to the previous year. The second is the funicular on Petřín, and the third is the Prague Zoo.

Fourth place went to the technical monument at Dolní Vítkovice in Ostrava, in the Moravia Silesia region. The former ironworks has become popular due in part to the Colours of Ostrava music festival.

still tend to organize their own vacations. Some 2.5 million Czechs
made their own arrangements, while just over 2 million used a travel

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