TELL US: What would you like Czechia's new president bring to the country?

The actions of Petr Pavel will, even if indirectly, affect expats' lives. Tell us what kind of changes you would like to see happen.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 03.02.2023 13:55:00 (updated on 04.02.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Republic will get a new president on March 9. Petr Pavel comfortably won the second round of the country’s presidential elections last week, claiming almost 60 percent of the popular vote.

What would you change if you were president?

Although many expats may not be allowed to vote (you need to have citizenship to do so), a new president still has the ability to change things round – and approve laws that will affect you.

We asked you on Twitter last week what you would like to see changed with the new presidency of Pavel; we got some interesting responses.

“English in government-related offices…at least some basic understanding,” was a popular answer.

“Same-sex marriage. Czechia can be the first post-Iron curtain country to have equal marriage for all,” said another respondent.

So – tell us – as an expat, what would you like to see changed during the new era of Pavel’s presidency?


  • Represents Czechia in international affairs, act as a type of figurehead
  • Officially appoints the prime minister and other government members
  • Appoints the judges to the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court
  • Serves as commander-in-chief of the Czech armed forces
  • Appoints members of the Czech National Bank’s board
  • Approves or reject proposals for new government ministers
  • Passes or vetoes laws submitted by the Senate
  • Has the right to grant amnesty

    Source: Prague Castle website

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