Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week celebrates style, innovation, and sustainability

Discover the best of Czech and Slovak design talent at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week FW23, from April 15-20, 2023.

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Get ready for a fashion extravaganza like no other. Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week FW23 is back from April 15 to 20, presenting the best Czech and Slovak design talent.

As the largest fashion event in the Czech Republic, MBPFW is a must-attend for anyone looking for an extraordinary spectacle of style. It boasts a unique approach to choreography that draws inspiration from fashion shows in Paris and Milan, making it a hub for connecting different art disciplines.

MBPFW is the only fashion event in the Czech Republic that has a global reach, thanks to its affiliation with international fashion weeks organized under the patronage of Mercedes-Benz.

Photo via Facebook/
Photo via Facebook/Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week FW23, hosted at various stunning venues throughout Prague. View the full schedule here. Begin the experience with MBPFW Groove at Groove Bar, Voršilská 6, on April 14, or indulge in an Aftershow Cocktail by Andaz on April 18 at Andaz Prague, Senovážné náměstí 31, and be sure to explore the ongoing pop-up showroom, Má Vlast Edit 06 x MBPFW, from April 15-17 at Chuchle Arena Prague, Radotínská 69.

Its mission is to reveal meticulously selected Slovak and Czech designers and their upcoming collections for the first time. With an emphasis on drawing in an engaged audience from the worlds of fashion, design, art, and business, MBPFW is a social occasion like no other.

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week: A brief history

MBPFW has undergone significant changes since its inception in 2010, evolving from an open-air show on "the longest catwalk in Central Europe" in Pařížská street to a "fashion tent" and now to its current "fashion temple" concept set in various historical buildings.

Since 2013, Mercedes-Benz has been the event's title partner, elevating MBPFW to the ranks of global fashion weeks under the car manufacturer's patronage, alongside New York, Berlin, Sydney, Moscow, Istanbul, and Mexico City. This international exposure provides an unprecedented opportunity for Czech and Slovak designers to exhibit their creativity to the world.

The occasion attracts a diverse audience and important guests from the Czech Republic and abroad, including esteemed editors from prestigious international fashion publications like Vogue Italia, W Magazine, and

This year's event promises to be an unforgettable experience, showcasing distinctive aesthetics and choreography that blend various artistic disciplines in the breathtaking setting of Prague's historic buildings.

Supporting emerging design talent

"Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week is a unique and inspiring live event always associated with a special atmosphere,” says Wolfgang Bremm von Kleinsorgen, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic.

Mercedes-Benz has been a major player in the global fashion industry for nearly three decades, establishing authentic relationships across creative fields spanning fashion, photography, and art. The luxury automaker uses its initiatives to support emerging design talent and innovative collaborations. 

“The automotive and fashion industries are driven by a pioneering spirit, sustainability, and never-ending creativity. Therefore, I feel really honored and happy about the number of Czech and Slovak young designers and young talent we were able to support at the beginning of their careers in the course of more than 10 previous MBPFW seasons. Fashion events and collaborations are part of our luxury brand strategy," said Bremm von Kleinsorgen on the brand's involvement in Prague Fashion Week. 

The Stunning EQS SUV Shines at MBPFW FW23

The spotlight at MBPFW FW23 belongs to the electrifying EQS SUV, embodying the brand's commitment to a sustainable, electric future. As a symbol of Mercedes-Benz's cutting-edge technology and innovative sophistication, the EQS SUV benefits from advanced features such as ample space, top-notch safety features, and the versatility to accommodate up to seven passengers, making it the epitome of eco-friendly elegance.


"Mercedes-Benz focuses even more on luxury, elevates its product portfolio, and accelerates its path toward a fully electric future. Our electric vehicles represent the progressive luxury and pioneering spirit of Mercedes-Benz. We are delighted to showcase this car during the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week in April 2023," says Bremm von Kleinsorgen. This exciting feature reinforces the connection between the automotive and fashion industries. 

Join the Celebration of Style, Innovation, and Sustainability

Experience the exceptional fusion of style and sustainability at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week FW23. Witness the extraordinary talent of Czech and Slovak designers, explore the environmentally friendly EQS SUV, and be part of a striking event that promises to inspire and entertain.

With an original approach to the presentation style, MBPFW promises a one-of-a-kind show for attendees seeking something new and exciting. Fashion enthusiasts, design lovers, and those simply looking for a unique social occasion will be captivated by the breathtaking celebration of creativity and innovation that awaits them.

Mark your calendars for April 15 to 20, and get ready to be mesmerized by the fashion spectacle in the stunning setting of Prague's historic buildings. Take advantage of this iconic event where the worlds of fashion, art, and luxury automotive converge to create a captivating experience.

This article was written in association with Mercedes Benz.

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