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Given that the Czech Republic is a land-locked country, you may be forgiven for thinking seafood is probably not your best bet.  That being said, there has been a tremendous improvement both in terms of quality of seafood available and preparation of seafood in restaurants across the city.

Let´s take a look at where you can satisfy your taste for seafood – be it at seafood restaurants or establishments that don´t specialize in, but serve delicious fish dishes nonetheless – neighborhood by neighborhood.

Prague 1

Fish & Glamour Café (U Lužického semináře 42, is right in the heart of Prague, at Kampa. Part of the Kolkovna chain of restaurant, this location devotes itself fully to all things fishy. You can order dishes such as an Asian take on salmon with mango, cilantro and lime, but the restaurant also serves old-fashioned Czech cuisine such as svíčková na smetaně, making it a good choice for mixed groups of seafood lovers and diehard carnivores.

Quite near, you will find the Rybářský klub restaurant (U Sovových mlýnů 1,, Located near Charles Bridge, it offers a nice view, but due to its location, it may attract a lot of tourists depending on the time of the year. The place does prawns, carp, tuna and salmon, all at prices in the 200-300 CZK range.

The restaurant Rybí trh (Týn 5, in Prague´s beautiful Old Town serves seafood platters in different sizes. You can get an individual one or choose to go with the King Seafood Platter that could serve a whole group of hungry fisherman. The menu runs the gamut from mussels and crawfish to sushi, sashimi and lobster along with Czech and international fish. Prices are on the steep side, but the place is one of Prague´s best destinations for seafood and the interior is beautiful. Choose this place for a fancy candle-lit dinner.

Another up-market restaurant, also located in Old Town, is Restaurace U Prince (inside the Hotel U Prince, Staroměstské náměstí 29, The location right on the square offers a spectacular view of Prague´s old town and the Orloj, Old Town Square´s famous astrological clock. The restaurant serves a delicious creamy hummer soup, steamed mussels or tagliatelle with tiger prawns. For a hearty meal on the cheaper side, try their fish burger with French fries.

Not strictly a seafood restaurant, La Finestra (Platnéřská 13, serves great seafood, often prepared with an interesting spin. The restaurant is part of the Aromi chain of restaurants, and you can count on fresh ingredients and excellent service. Prices for entreés are in the 300-400 CZK range. The grilled octopus is beautiful, the tentacles, salty and tender. They also do a seafood sampler plate with garlic mayonaise.

Prague 2

Aromi (Mánesova 78, has what one Prague seafood-lover described as the “hands down best seafood” in the city. You can choose fresh fish from a huge platter that is presented to you at your table. The choices include fillets as well as whole fish that could feed a party of four. If you prefer to order from their regular menu, you won´t be disappointed either.

Oliva (Plavecká 4, is a cute restaurant with a beautiful décor. They occassionally host all-you-can-eat tiger prawn events. The menu features a lot of seafood as well as the restaurant´s key ingredient, olives. Prices are moderate.

Prague 10
Restaurace Mon Ami (Kodaňská 47, is an eclectic restaurant in Vršovice. It doesn´t focus on seafood, but features one most unusual dish that a friend described as “hit or miss.” But when it´s a hit, it´s quite something. For 100 CZK, you can get a big plate of freshly grilled sardines. For fans of the pungent fish, this is definitely worth a try.

Where to buy seafood

Frozen fish and some seafood can be found at Mark´s and Spencer´s, which has various locations across the city (find the one nearest you here). Tesco´s Anděl location stocks a lot of seafood and fish, and you can get fresh fish at Jan Paukert´s deli on Národní 17. For Žížkov residents, try Pescheria Adriatico on Bořivojova 11.

Who serves your favorite fish? Share your suggestions below!

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