Recent rainfall gives Czechia's mushroom bounty a boost – here's where and when to pick

Some mountains and forest are now ideal for mushrooming but you can also find treasures in city parks closer to home. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.08.2023 17:28:00 (updated on 03.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Recent rainfall in Czechia has paved the way for a bountiful mushroom season, with experts predicting that even urban areas will offer a delightful array of edible fungi. As enthusiasts gear up for mushroom hunting, they are advised to exercise caution and seek guidance from experienced pickers, as some mushrooms can be toxic.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, in collaboration with the Czech Mycological Society, is providing daily updated maps that highlight the regions in the country offering the best conditions for mushroom foraging. Currently, the northern and southwestern edges of Czechia have emerged as hotspots for mushroom enthusiasts.

Pine forests in mountainous areas, such as Šumava, Krušné hory, and Jizerské hory, present excellent opportunities for mushroom hunting. Conversely, parts of South Moravia and South Bohemia have less favorable conditions, while the Central Bohemia region, including Prague, falls somewhere in between with a moderate to medium rating.

Mycologist Tereza Tejklová, from the Czech Mycological Society, identified several common edible mushroom types flourishing during this season. The dotted stem bolete (hřib kovář), lurid bolete (hřib koloděj), and various oyster and russala mushrooms are among the treasures to be found. Interestingly, some heat-loving mushroom species are extending their reach beyond their traditional southern habitats, now venturing further northward.


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You can learn more about the types of mushrooms and their growth on the website of the Czech Mycological Society. People who are unsure of the mushrooms they have picked can bring them to the office in Prague for inspection for a small fee.  

Mushroom season is changing

However, the rising temperatures attributed to climate change have a downside, as they deplete the soil's moisture content, negatively impacting mushroom growth, she told news site iDnes. Despite this challenge, mushrooms have found a surprising new habitat in city parks. The abundance of diverse tree species in a compact space creates multiple simulated habitats, resembling both evergreen and deciduous forests. Additionally, city parks tend to retain more moisture in the soil, providing an inviting environment for mushroom growth.

While mushroom enthusiasts relish the increased opportunities for foraging, there is a growing concern about the rise in poisoning cases. This spike in poisonings is not due to mushrooms becoming more toxic with heat but is linked to the scarcity of mushrooms. As people are eager to avoid returning empty-handed, they may pick unfamiliar mushrooms, unknowingly endangering themselves. In contrast, when mushroom options are plentiful, foragers typically stick to safer and more familiar choices.

Looking ahead, experts are warning that the mushroom picking season may be significantly shortened due to summer heatwaves. Drawing a parallel with Italy's warmer climate, Tereza Tejklová points out that mushrooms there only start to grow with heavy autumn rainfall and cooling, resulting in a season lasting a maximum of two months.

As mushroom enthusiasts embark on their fruitful adventures in Czechia, they are encouraged to make the most of the current conditions, while remaining cautious and informed about the risks that come with the pursuit of nature's delectable treasures.

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