Prague's new fashion-taxi service delivers stay-at-home style

Czech e-shop Zoot has launched a unique taxi service for delivering loungewear, pjs, and other pandemic fashion essentials

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 03.04.2020 15:58:00 (updated on 07.12.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

With numerous Czech retail outlets reporting a sizeable dip in the sales of shoes, fashion apparel, and accessories, one online retailer is taking a rather proactive approach to ensuring business in the quarantine era.

Czech e-shop Zoot has introduced a unique courier service that delivers clothes to your door — and waits for you to try them on. Rejects are sent back to the company the way they came and money is refunded immediately.

Officially called the Zoot Taxi, the company launched the service this week in an effort to make it easier than ever to try on clothes and return them. “We want to make this experience the first in the Czech Republic,” Robert Vojáček, Director of Zoot Development, told Czech publication

While the company’s normal business model sees customers ordering merchandise then trying it on in the store, only buying what they want to keep, clothes ordered via the Zoot Taxi service are paid for upfront. The service costs 199 CZK to use.

This delivery option is part of both online sales and the mobile app. There is no limit to the number of pieces you can purchase to try on. Couriers arrive with the clothes the day after the order is placed, calling half an hour before delivery. Customers have 20 minutes to try the clothes on.

The company says that items ordered should arrive at the given address within a day; the courier will notify you half an hour before delivery.

Vojáček says the company is dedicated to ensuring proper hygiene to protect both couriers and users of the new service. “The courier will be equipped with gloves that are always exchanged,” he said. The obligatory masks and hand disinfectants will also be in use, he added.

Forbes reports that the company has seen considerable losses due to the outbreak. Zoot confirmed to us in an e-mail that customer behavior has changed drastically as a result of the pandemic.

“As they don’t have many opportunities for a social life customers don’t have a big motivation to buy something new like for formal, business occasions,” says Tomas Holy, Zoot spokesperson. “Instead they prefer to buy something to feel comfortable at home.” He reports increased interest in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and pajamas, in total a 20% increase for the entire segment.

Standard delivery of goods from the e-shop has been free since the announcement of quarantine measures due to COVID-19.

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