Prague’s Cutest Take-Away Cafés

What these tiny cafés lack in size they more than make up for in character – and coffee

Lisette Allen

Written by Lisette Allen Published on 14.10.2015 11:40:39 (updated on 14.10.2015) Reading time: 3 minutes

Bijou, compact and cute as a button, these tiny cafés primarily cater to the take-away market, though if you do manage to score a seat, you can enjoy your coffee break in super-cosy surroundings.

Yes Café/Studio
Yes Café/Studio

A new arrival on Letna’s café scene. Perch on a squishy fabric log (also available for purchase) while sipping a speciality coffee and snacking on a dinky mini carrot cake. A quick glance at the rest of the clientele confirms this place is already a hit with MacBook-wielding creative types.

Unlike its neighbourhood competitors, Kafé Přístaf isn’t trying to be cutting edge. In keeping with its name (přístav means harbor in Czech) the décor has a cheesy nautical theme. This in no way detracts from its impressive range of homemade cakes (apple strudel, bábovka, chocolate cupcakes) all at reasonable prices.

A few steps from Prague’s oldest maternity hospital, Café of Dreams is a cute stopping off point for mums-to-be or non-pregnant passing pedestrians. The trompe d’oeil mural and branches “growing” out of the wall give the interior a village courtyard feel. Try a chocolate or banana muffin with your Café Alegre.

Kavárna snů
Kavárna snů

Café Ebel have been roasting and serving their own speciality coffees for nearly two decades; if you can manage to secure a seat (there are only two tables) their Kaprova branch is a welcome oasis from the tourist hoards marching from Staroměstská metro station to Old Town Square. 


Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 70m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 70m2

Kamenická, Praha 7 - Holešovice

Apartment for rent, 1+KK - Studio, 42m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 1+KK - Studio, 42m2

nábřeží Závodu míru, Pardubice - Zelené Předměstí

Retail space for sale, m<sup>2</sup>

Retail space for sale, m2

Družstevní, Chýně

I Need Coffee!
I Need Coffee!

And frankly, who doesn’t? Located a teaspoon’s length from the Dancing House, this contemporary cafe has seating for eleven caffeine addicts. Despite the name there’s more than just coffee on offer: pop by for a Czech-style light breakfast or a boozy afternoon pick me up of cider, Moravian wine or a pastis spritzer. 

Kafemat serves the take-away market although you can perch in the window and watch the world go by while sipping your pick-me-up. In this humble café reviewer’s opinion, it’s a great spot to know of in case you need a quick caffeine hit and happen to be in the neighborhood. 

In a Žižkov neighbourhood with ample watering holes but few cute cafes, is U Amálky. Although there are just two tables inside, there’s still all the requisites: beans by Mamacoffee, Fairtrade tea, homemade koláče and bottled beer from Želivský klášterní pivovar. The main draw? The additional sale of artisanal jewellery in a rainbow of hues.

Prague’s Cutest Take-Away Cafés

At Karlin’s standing-room-only espresso bar the menu is simple: There are coffees either ‘S mlékem’ (with milk – in other words, cappuccino, latte and flat white) or ‘BEZ mléka’ (without milk). Don’t even think about asking for a “preso”, “piccolo” or “long expresso”!

Prague’s Cutest Take-Away Cafés

Long before the tattoo-sporting barista crowd declared coffee the new wine, Michal Jakoubek was purveying the best single-origin and blended beans to Praguers. His well-stocked emporium has been in business for fourteen years. Inside there’s jazz, the unmistakable growl of the grinder and tables for stand-up espresso sipping.

“Bake my day!” is the upbeat slogan of the latest bakery meets café to open in Holesovice next to Maniny tram stop. Toasted sandwiches are this joint’s signature offering but there’s also a range of Czech classic traybakes (poppy seed cake, perník, potato bread baguettes) along with the usual caffeinated hits.

Prague’s Cutest Take-Away Cafés

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