Prague's extra-long trolleybus to take over airport line in 2024

By March of 2024, trolleybus line 59 will replace Prague's bus line 119 bringing passengers from Nádraží Veleslavín metro to Václav Havel Airport. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 31.12.2023 14:44:00 (updated on 31.12.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague's extra-long trolleybus is set to become a permanent fixture on the city's airport line from March 2024. Prague Prague Integrated Transport (PID) spokesperson Filip Drápal revealed the news to Czech News Agency when discussing upcoming changes on Prague public transport passengers can look forward to next year.

The new trolleybuses are part of a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles that became the first in the Czech capital in 50 years when the 58 line was launched between Palmovka to Čakovice in 2022. Over the past two months, an extra-long Škoda Solaris trolleybus has been tested on Prague's 119 airport line.

From March, three new articulated vehicles will form Prague's new trolleybus line 59, shuttling passengers between the Nádraží Veleslavín Railway Station and Václav Havel Airport. They will replace the existing diesel bus line 119 as the city marks a significant step toward more sustainable and efficient transportation.

This trolleybus, touted as the longest in the Czech Republic, will enhance transport capacity by roughly a third compared to the current line of buses. Each bus can carry a total of 179 passengers, 54 of which can be seated.

The transition to this new, eco-friendly trolleybus is part of Prague's comprehensive approach to modernize and optimize its public transportation system. Other changes planned for the future include new contracts with bus operators, introducing electric units on various lines, and a general overhaul of suburban and regional lines.

Additionally, a significant enhancement is expected for Prague's first trolleybus line, 58, which currently runs between Palmovka, Čakovice, and Miškovice. This line will be in full operation after the delivery of new vehicles, and entirely replace bus 140. This modernization aims to not only improve efficiency but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

Prague and the Central Bohemian Region are gearing up for a transformative year in public transportation in 2024. New contracts, tenders for suburban transport trains, and the continuation of improvements across various stops and stations are part of the region's forward-looking plans for the year.

The introduction of an advanced mobile application and digital departure panels further emphasizes the commitment to enhancing the overall commuter experience.


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The extension of microbus services, the installation of a new elevator at the Jiřího z Poděbrady metro station, and various other initiatives are also in store for 2024, underscoring the Czech capital's dedication to creating a more accessible, efficient, and eco-friendly public transportation system.

The airport trolleybus line is an interim solution as Prague continues construction on its long-awaited airport railway line. That much-anticipated project is currently on schedule to be completed by the early 2030s.

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