Prague police dealt with almost 10,000 violations of emergency measures in October

Violations of the ban on public drinking were dealt with harshly, but most violations resulted in a warning

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 03.11.2020 12:00:00 (updated on 03.11.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague Municipal Police were busy in October, dealing with almost 10,000 violations of crisis and emergency measures. Priority was given to monitoring public transit and related areas. Most cases were resolved with a warning.

“In October, police officers resolved a total of 9,806 cases of violations of crisis and emergency measures. They imposed 732 fines in the total amount of 307,000 CZK by an on-the-spot order, sent 386 cases to administrative authorities and resolved the rest by agreement,” Prague Municipal Police Director Eduard Šuster said on Facebook.

The majority of cases, some 6,599, were related to public transport and related premises. People have been required to have a face covering on public transit vehicles and in metro stations as well as tram and bus stops. People are also not allowed to be in large groups.

A total of 354 fines were imposed in the transit system, adding up to 95,500 CZK, and 111 cases were sent to administrative authorities and the rest was resolved by a warning and an agreement that the offender would be more careful in the future.

The inspections also affected establishments such as restaurants, bars, shops and shopping centers. In October, a total of 343 cases of violations of crisis and emergency measures were resolved in those locations. Some 117 fines totaling 109,000 CZK were imposed and 23 cases were sent to administrative authorities. The rest were resolved by agreement.

There were 486 violations of the ban on clustering in groups and free movement. People are only supposed to go outside for specific reasons such as work, exercise or shopping for food. At the end of October, there was a also ban on free movement after 9 pm except for work or walking a dog. In this connection, 80 fines in the amount of 25,700 CZK were imposed, 69 cases were sent to administrative authorities and the rest was resolved by agreement.

Prague police officers took the toughest approach to ban alcohol consumption in public places. “In October, they dealt with a total of 386 cases of violation of this regulation. They imposed 143 fines for a total of 63,400 CZK, reported 108 cases to the administrative authorities and the reached an agreement on the remaining cases,” Šuster said.

The state of emergency has been extended to until November 20, and could possibly be extended again if the coronavirus situation is not under control. The annual Christmas markets and New Year’s Day videomapping, which would have created large gatherings, have already been canceled.

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