Gyms in Prague

Washboard abs and bulging biceps: get fit in Prague

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 17.02.2009 10:26:49 (updated on 17.02.2009) Reading time: 4 minutes

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Gyms in Prague

Gyms in Prague

Gyms in Prague

Gyms in Prague

Whether it´s the fried cheese and beer that´s getting to your waistline; or you are looking to get active and be fit; there´s no shortage of fitness centers in Prague to help you do just that. If you are looking for a plethora of machines and English speaking staff to assist you; you most likely will have to pay a bit more for it. However, if you feel confident in your gym knowledge, smaller, affordable workout rooms can be found all over the city.

When researching your gyms; be sure to visit during the time you plan to be working out to gauge how busy the place is. Be honest with yourself. Yes, the one-year pass is cheaper; but will you really keep going after the first month? Many fitness centers offer pay-as-you-go or monthly membership fees. Ask your fit friends where they go and read through some of the postings here on Expats. If you need some new shoes or clothes; read our round-up of Sporting Goods Stores.

World Class and Holmes Place are two of the largest fitness centers in the city. They are also pricy, but for the most part; if you use the place wisely; you probably get what you pay for. World Class (, Václavské nám. 22 & V Celnici 10, Prague 1 & V Parku 2308/8, Prague 8) is an international gym that will suit a variety of workout needs. They have LifeFitness and Hammer Strength machines; free weights; personal trainers; aerobics; Pilates; kick-boxing and cycling. Holmes Place ( offers one premium club (Plzeňská 8, inside Nový Smíchov mall, Prague 5) and three energy clubs (Nádražní 32, Prague 5; Chlumecká 8, Prague 9; Křižíkova 44, Prague 8.) The premium club offers a variety of classes; include cardio, yoga and spinning while the energy clubs, depending on the location, have cardio classes; squash facilities; dance classes and yoga.

If you are looking for a different workout routine; check Delroy´s Gym (, Zborovská 4, Prague 5.) Here you´ll find boxing; kick-boxing; tae-bo and samba. Delroy´s does aerobic lessons too; plus karate for kids. FactoryPro ( also Nádražní 32, Prague 5) has lots of expat fans; thanks to its lower prices and good amenities. Classes throughout the day; including Saturdays and Sundays; plus cardio and weight machines.

Inside the Hilton Prague Hotel, you´ll find Cybex Fitness (, Pobřežní 1, Prague 8.) This isn´t your normal tiny hotel fitness room; Cybex offers aerobic and spinning classes, has a squash court and pool, plus climbing wall and weight room. Solárium Fitness BBC (, seven locations including Vršovická 1, Prague 10 and Vinohradská 190, Prague 3) is recognizable thanks to their tram adverts showing off thin, fit bodies. Since the first word of their name is Solárium, be aware that some locations (including Prague 2) only offer tanning facilities. Offers at other locations vary; but may include aerobics; weight room with both machines and free weights and tennis and basketball courts. Prague 6 boasts the big Sport Centrum Evropská (, José Martího 31.) The fitness hall offers Sportex and Technogym machines; spinning and aerobic classes. This is an all around fun place as they also have bowling, table tennis, squash court and a climbing wall.

Volcano Health Club (, K Sopce 5, Prague 5) is a bit out but you are rewarded with a lovely location and the opportunity to take your workout outside in the nicer months. Located near the Prokopské Valley natural reservation, the club offers cardio machines and other specialized equipment; circuit training; yoga and Pilates, plus personal trainers. Prague 9 offers Blue Orange (, Tupolevova 676) where you can take advantage of their air conditioned cardio fitness facility; movement and spinning studios and squash courts. This is a really big gym (main hall is 600 square meters) so you shouldn´t have any annoying waiting for machines. There´s also a golf center that offers an outdoor short game course. 

A small studio, with only afternoon/evening and limited weekend hours is Fitness Vinohradská (, Vinohradská 38, Prague 2.) They offer aerobics and have a small weight room with machines. Also in Prague 2 is Asketa Fit (, Polská 10.) Cycling classes as well as aerobics and muscle conditioning classes are offered. Pro One has two locations (, Vinohradská 100, Prague 3 and Hrusická 2617, Prague 4) and focuses on machine workouts. In Prague 3, David Fitness (, Pod Parukářkou 2) may or may not reshape your body in the form of Michelangelo´s famed statue; but you can hop on one of their weight machines. Nearby is FitTop (, Seifertova 49, Prague 3.) Here you can do some aerobics; spinning classes; workout on machines or take a tae-bo class. Do yoga, squash or swimming post-shopping spree at Hit Fitness Flóra (, Chrudimská 2b, Prague 3.)
Athena Fit (, Kamenická 44, Prague 7) is a friendly studio with a small weight room offering both machines and free weights. Fitness Vagon (, Národní třída 25, Prague 1) is an air-conditioned medium-sized studio offering Grunsport and Technogym machines, plus free weights. One specialized center; Studio pro Ženy (, Vodičkova 20, Prague 1) specializes in classes for women; including yoga, Pilates and post-pregnancy courses.

If you are looking for more information, visit the all-Czech for a directory of fitness centers and other workout resources.

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