Prague Christmas tram vandalized, but remains in operation

After an unexpected Christmas gift, the holiday tram will remain in operation following graffiti cleaning

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky
Published on 27.12.2020 12:16 (updated on 27.12.2020)

One of Prague's popular Christmas trams received an unexpected gift on Christmas morning: a large graffiti tag that displayed "TB" across its festive adhesive sticker.

Announcing the vandalism on Facebook, Prague public transport authority DPP initially stated that the tram's holiday sticker would be removed due to the graffiti.

After cleaning, however, DPP reported that the tram would continue to ride Prague's streets undeterred and on schedule over the rest of the holiday period and through January 6. Only the portion of the sticker affected by the graffiti has been removed.

"On Christmas Day, the Christmas tram 15T received a gift, even though it did not deserve it at all," DPP posted to Facebook.

"We are very sorry, but we now have to remove the Christmas sticker from the tram. The tram will continue to operate only with lighting."

"Update: Good news! During the cleaning, it was finally decided that the sticker would be removed only at the damaged site. The tram is therefore still in operation."

This year, DPP has been operating five Christmas-themed vehicles on the streets of Prague: two T3 trams and a 15T, a retro-themed bus, and the popular "grease tram" that lubricates the city's tracks.

The vehicles feature thousands of Christmas lights and holiday decor on both their exterior and interior.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to catch a ride on one or spot them on the city's streets, a complete timetable of when and where you can find them can be found at DPP's official website.

In operation since November 29, the holiday trams will continue to ride through the streets of Prague until January 6.