Prague 2 gets new queer street art exhibition promoting inclusion

This is one of several projects of the Prague! organization, which aims to change public perceptions through street art. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 25.08.2023 14:54:00 (updated on 25.08.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

The revitalized Fügnerovo náměstí (Fügner Square) in Prague 2 marks a historic moment for the Czech Republic, as the area becomes home to the country's largest queer mural art exhibition. The artwork, dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, will be on display for one year, hence its name Queer All Year. The entire concept is presented in both Czech and English.

A focus on inclusivity and art

The initiative behind the project, Prague!, aims to raise awareness about the importance of an inclusive and tolerant society. Furthermore, the project’s long-term vision is to underscore the necessity of increased public access to art.

The mid-August grand opening included speeches from Šimon Bilina, the project's ambassador, Kryštof Stupka, a human rights activist and project co-author, and Daan F. Huisinga, the Dutch ambassador to the Czech Republic. Petr Polák, the artist behind the work, said he hoped that his art would trigger a shift in perception and the questioning of prejudices. 

"Inclusion is one of the fundamental pillars of the entire project. In the long term, we strive to use public space to make art accessible and to create space for different opinions. We deal with countless social topics, which certainly include freedom and acceptance. It was these values ​​that stood behind the creation of our latest implementation of Queer All Year," explained the project's creators. 

Interactivity and messages of hope

Integral to the artwork are QR codes that grant visitors access to interactive content, enabling active engagement with the installation. The implementation's professional facet involved organizations like Amnesty International, Konsent, Transparent, and In Iustitia. Notably, therapeutic treatment formed part of the interactive content.

The project directors say that the interactive content will change on a regular basis. Statements and questions such as "You are loved and you are not alone” and "What makes the most sense to you right now?" are also displayed in the outdoor exhibition. The project's architects reiterated this sentiment, affirming their success in creating a safe space for those who may feel misunderstood or marginalized.

Endorsed by the government's commissioner for human rights, Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, and the head of the Representation of the European Commission, Monika Ladmanová, the Queer All Year project received financial support from multiple entities including the Municipality of the Capital City of Prague, the Technical Administration of Communications, and various diplomatic missions.

One of several public displays

The project is growing very fast. "We are constantly establishing new collaborations, thanks to which we bring art in the city even closer to its residents. Without giving away anything else, we can say one thing – see you on March 13, 2024,” representatives of the Prague! Organization said.

In October last year, Prague! co-created an exhibition at the central Můstek metro station that displayed anonymous notes and letters. Its goal was to evoke in readers a desire to be closer to one other, and thus gradually overcome physical and mental barriers in their lives.

This April, the organization artistically decorated an underpass in Prague 8, filled with messages about climate change.

The project, originating in October 2021, has introduced poignant poems into the city's public space through stickers, posters, billboards, and art installations. Since its inception, the project has garnered 50,000 testimonials, spotlighting the uniqueness of each individual and presenting an anthology of artistic expressions, ultimately helping raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

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