Poké in Prague: Treat yourself to good health in a beautiful bowl

This Hawaiian-Japanese hybrid has become a big hit in Prague: if you haven't already tried 'the Chuck Norris of food' get your chopsticks ready.

Marcus Bradshaw

Written by Marcus Bradshaw Published on 01.06.2021 16:02:00 (updated on 03.06.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

In the last year, the area behind Hlavní Nádraží, facing Žižkov and Vinohrady, has been transformed beyond recognition. What was once a car park is now a vibrant business quarter, where striking new architecture creates inviting new public spaces. The development includes a new pedestrian route to the station, which connects a lively courtyard to the platforms below.

NAPOKÉ has pride of place on this new courtyard, where it enjoys a spectacular framed view across the tracks to Prague Castle. This cool poké bar is an exciting new addition to the Prague culinary scene, and it has already earned a great reputation for its stellar poké bowls -- healthy dishes that brim full of colour and taste.

Avocado Avo boom NAPOKE NAPOKÉ
Avocado Avo Boom by NAPOKÉ.

If you’re not already familiar with a poké bowl, then you are in for a treat. It is a food phenomenon that originated in Hawaii, when the sushi culture of Japanese fishermen met the abundant produce of the islands. The resulting cuisine merged cubed raw fish on a base of rice, topped with an array of fresh vegetables and sauces. The name refers to the method of preparation; the word poké (pronounced POH-keh) means “to slice” or “to cut into pieces” in the native Hawaiian language. 

If you’re already a poké aficionado, then a trip to NAPOKÉ should be on the top of your list. Whereas it is possible to find poké elsewhere in Prague, Na Poké stands out from the competition in terms of the freshness. “Our fish is delivered fresh every day, sometimes twice a day,” says owner Vladislav Holler.

Na poke food
Greeny Combo, salmon and tuna sprinkled with nori řasa by NAPOKÉ.

When asked about the name NAPOKÉ, Holler explains that it's a play on the Czech phrase Jdeme na pivo (we’ll go for a beer). The phrase jdeme na poké reflects his desire for Napoké to be the go-to choice when someone thinks of a poké bowl.

Upon arrival at NAPOKÉ, guests can choose from a menu of curated bowls, with offerings such as Avocado Boom, Salmon Ponzo, and Spicy Tuna, or they can choose to design their own bowl. The set pieces are carefully crafted to best match the fish and protein bases with complimentary sauces and vegetables (Salmon Philly Cheese is their bestseller, and I can confirm that it’s absolutely delicious!).

Na Poke food bowl Na Poké
Jjamppong Seafod Soup by NAPOKÉ is a seasonal item.

Guests with a strong creative urge can build their own poké bowl by marking their choices on an order card. No matter if it's a curated bowl, or a unique build, the result is invariably beautiful and sumptuously tasty.

Not only does the food taste great, it is also beautiful to look at. “Poké is a firework of colors and tastes,” says Holler. I find myself agreeing with him as I gaze down upon the magnificent display in the bowl in front of me. It seems almost a shame to mix it all together, so I snap a quick photograph before digging in my chopsticks.

Na Poke also offers fresh desserts.
Tapioca mango dessert by NAPOKÉ.

It’s fresh, it’s tasty and it’s super healthy, and I’m immediately drawn to it. It’s won me over, so I ask Holler whether the local Czech market has embraced it in the same way.

He says that he actively encourages those with conservative tastes to keep an open mind and give it a try. I glance from table to table and listen to the languages spoken; Czech dominates the mix -- clearly poké has found a fan base amongst Czechs as well.

NAPOKÉ is located in a vibrant business quarter between behind Hlavní Nádraží.
NAPOKÉ is located in a vibrant business quarter between behind Hlavní Nádraží.

Later, as I walk back up the hill to Žižkov, I reflect on how the new architecture has brought a positive change to the edge of the neighbourhood. Once a desolate carpark, the area now has a lively mix of people, coming and going from shops and offices or making their way to the station. NAPOKÉ has already acquired a group of devotees from this neighbourhood. I’m just the latest one.  

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