Prague asks people to avoid parks and forests as strong winds create dangerous conditions

Prague City Hall has issued a warning to look out for falling branches as very strong winds hit the Czech capital. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 21.10.2021 14:07:00 (updated on 21.10.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

Strong winds hitting Prague today are seeing trees and branches falling in Prague's parks and forests. Due to these and other risks caused by the strong gusts, Prague City Hall is recommending that people stay away from these areas.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has issued a weather warning against strong winds, valid until 20:00 today. It is also urging caution when moving around older buildings, near tall trees and high poles, and when driving.

Gusts of wind cause a risk of accidents with loose objects flying through the air, such as broken tree branches. There is also a risk of traffic complications on the roads due to fallen trees and other objects, which may cause delays for Prague public transport connections, air traffic and railways.

The Czech railway administration halted operation on 27 lines earlier this afternoon.

In Prague this afternoon, firefighters have already reported more than 60 wind-related incidents. 

Weather forecasters issued warnings against strong winds earlier this week, moving east from Bohemia to Moravia later in the day. Gusts in some places are expected to exceed 100 km/h. 

Elsewhere in the Czech Republic, CEZ reported that there are a quarter of a million consumers without electricity. 

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