News in brief for Sept. 4: Top headlines for Czechia on Monday

Prague threatened with lawsuit over Metro D construction, minister to discuss food prices with retailers, and more top headlines for Monday, Sept. 4. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 04.09.2023 08:30:00 (updated on 04.09.2023) Reading time: 5 minutes

Education Czech school teachers earn CZK 36,500 per month

Czech primary school teachers earned an average of CZK 36,534 per month in 2022, up CZK 1,951 crowns or 5.6 percent from the prior year, according to a analysis by wage comparison portal The increase did not keep up with 8.8 percent inflation last month.

Overall, average Czech wages rose 7.7 percent to CZK 43,193 but fell 3.1 percent in real terms due to 11.1 percent inflation. Secondary teachers earned CZK 37,872 crowns on average while university teachers averaged CZK 39,828.

Defense Army head: Purchase of F-35 aircraft would 'change the rules'

The Czech Chief of General Staff, Karel Řehka, stated that the acquisition of F-35 aircraft would be more cost-effective and efficient for the Czech army than the alternatives. He mentioned that the purchase would expand the capabilities of not only the Air Force but the entire army. Řehka also emphasized that the fifth-generation aircraft is not significantly more expensive than previous generations and its higher fuel consumption is compensated by its long-term usability.

The government is expected to make a decision on the purchase after the Defense Ministry presents the final negotiation result. The U.S. Department of State approved the potential sale in June.

culture Prague ends court dispute over Slav Epic paintings

Prague has approved an agreement to end the court dispute over the ownership of Alfons Mucha's Slav Epic paintings. The city will work with the artist's heir John Mucha to create a center to house the artwork and the family collection. The location has not been decided, but negotiations with Crestyl for the Savarin palace are underway.

The paintings are currently on loan at Moravský Krumlov Castle until 2026. The first agreement ends the dispute, while the second focuses on future cooperation. This resolution is expected to benefit Prague's tourism industry.

society No improvement in Roma education in Czechia, data shows

According to data from the Education Ministry, the situation in Roma education in Czechia has shown no improvement in the past three years. Psychological counseling centers have been diagnosing Roma pupils with a mild mental disability approximately ten times more frequently than their non-Roma classmates. This disproportion raises concerns about the equal treatment of the Roma in accessing education.

Last year, the ombudsman highlighted that outdated diagnoses often fail to differentiate between mild mental disability and social disadvantages, leading to misinterpretation by psychologists and special educators. To remedy the situation, the Czech ombudsman recommends the use of more appropriate diagnostic tools and the replacement of outdated ones.

Economy Thousands could retire early due to delayed pension law

Czech Labor Minister Marian Jurečka predicts that up to 10,000 people may retire early due to delayed pension law change, potentially costing up to CZK 4 billion more next year. The govt. had planned that the changes to the pension amendment, which tightens the conditions for early retirement, would take effect from September. However, they will only be effective from October.

Jurečka said on Czech Television that the one-month delay in the tightened early retirement conditions taking effect could see thousands more people retire before the new rules, significantly increasing state pension costs in 2024. The changes raise the minimum years required to retire early from 3 to 5 years.

International Czech firefighters transport bridge to Slovenia

Czech firefighters have embarked on a mission to transport a temporary bridge to Slovenia, which was severely impacted by flooding. The bridge will be constructed by the Czech military in several towns in northern Slovenia, including Crna pod Koroskem, Mezica, and Zalec. After transporting the bridge, the firefighters will stay overnight at a military base in Slovenia.

The Czech Republic plans to provide additional temporary bridges to Slovenia as well. The Czech military has also deployed soldiers to assist with bridge construction in flood-affected areas. Slovenia has suffered extensive damage from the recent flooding, with over 70 bridges destroyed.

R.I.P. Legendary Czech actress dies

Ivana Pavlová, the beloved dancer and actress known for her role as Hanka in the film Starci na chmelu, has passed away at the age of 77. Her death was confirmed by ČT 24. Pavlová's dancing talent and dedication to her craft were evident from a young age as she began studying ballet at five and later graduated from the conservatory.

Her career included performing with the Ballet-Prague Theater and working as a choreographer at the EF Buriana Theater. Unfortunately, in 1967, a severe injury led to long-term health challenges, ultimately causing her to retire from the world of dance and theater.

Transport Prague threatened with lawsuit over Metro D construction

The Porr-Vinci-Marti consortium has issued a legal threat against Prague, alleging that it was excluded from the Metro D construction bid, reports In response to the exclusion, the consortium sent a letter to the Prague Transport Company's supervisory board. The board plays a crucial role in the selection of construction contractors for new metro lines.

The Porr-Vinci-Marti group, known for its large construction projects, had reportedly submitted the lowest bid for the next phase of Metro D. The project is vital for enhancing Prague's transportation infrastructure, connecting the city center to southern areas. A lawsuit could potentially lead to project delays and increased costs.

Economy Czech Minister to discuss food prices with retailers

Czech Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný is set to meet with representatives of the country's eight largest retail chains to discuss food prices this week. While Výborný emphasized that he isn't a minister for setting prices, he intends to hold informal discussions with producers and sellers.

Výborný stressed the importance of fair play within the Czech food market, and any potential measures would be adopted by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Prime Minister Petr Fiala also addressed food prices and hoped for reductions as expenses decrease. In July, food prices saw a year-on-year increase of 9.5 percent.

Theater Brno theater premieres play about Bratislava hate crime

The independent Feste Theatre in Brno premiered a play titled I LOVE HATE /young people in times of extremism/ as part of the Štetl Fest on Sunday evening. Inspired by the 2022 attack on the LGBT+ community in Bratislava, the play by German playwright Karoline Hoefer explores the tragic event where a 19-year-old assailant shot and killed two men and injured a woman outside a gay club.

The play also delves into the themes of hatred and right-wing extremism in the late 1930s, drawing connections to the story of Jewish writer Jura Soyfer, who perished in the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp in 1939. The international production features Austrian, Ukrainian, and Czech actresses portraying three men in the drama.

Culture Kiritof folklore festival celebrates Moravian Croats

The annual Kiritof folklore festival, celebrating the traditions of Moravian Croats, was held in Jevisovka, South Moravia over the weekend. The event featured a religious service in Czech, Croat, and German languages, followed by a procession of people in traditional costumes, including a decorated goat.

Folklore groups performed, with this year's event welcoming groups from Croatia and German-speaking countries. Jevisovka, formerly known as Frelichov or Frielistov in Croat and Frollersdorf in German, had a significant German-speaking population until the end of World War II. Moravian Croats, descendants of those who fled the Turks, settled in southern Moravia, with three Croat-majority villages. Today, descendants from across the Czech Republic gather for this annual festival.

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