From ruins to shipping containers Prague's newest pop-up venues invite fun in the sun

Containall has moved to Riegrovy sady, while Meetfactory has opened a venue in the ruins of Lihovar, plus more.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 03.06.2021 14:40:00 (updated on 07.06.2021) Reading time: 5 minutes

Several new outdoor beer gardens and pubs have popped up across Prague in time for the summer. Fans of the “ruin pub” movement might like either Contianall at Riegrovy sady, in a crumbling sports field, or Meetfactory’s new Lihovar venue, in the ill fated ruins of a distillery in Smíchov. The latter venue has a limited time, as bulldozers are coming in August.

There's also a new place to relax in Výstaviště, next to the new summer circus tent called Azyl78, and a beer garden with two stages in Palmovka. In addition to these, Manifesto is opening up a third location, this time in Prague's Anděl district though a firm date has yet to be announced.

Contianall moves to Riegrovy sady

The portable outdoor pub in a shipping container is now located next to the Sokol building on the edge of Riegrovy sady in Prague’s Vinohrady district.

A sports ground next to the building has long been all but abandoned. Now, in addition to a refreshment stand and seating, there is a beach volleyball court and two ping pong tables. There are also board games that can be borrowed.

The venue opened in the middle of May, but is still a bit of a secret even to people who live nearby as the sole entrance is through a rusted gateway and up some broken stone steps. The non-profit organization Containall said they hope to gradually improve the space in cooperation with the Vinohrady chapter of Sokol, a movement that supports health and exercise.

The atmosphere there so far is quiet and laid back, especially compared to the larger and more hectic beer garden near the main entrance to Riegrovy sady. Technically, that one despite its name – Park Riegrovy sady – isn’t part of the park at all as the lot is private property. There is also a third pub in the center of the park, Mlíkárna, hidden among some trees. It has some picnic tables and when weather is nice, rooftop seating and a grill.


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Exhibitions and theater for children are planned at Containall. The future will also bring an outdoor gym and playground for children. Live music is not on the horizon due to the residential character of the neighborhood.

Containall was previously housed in Stromovka for three years but was forced to move due to planned park renovations there. The group started in 2013 in Malá Strana in the backyard of Cihelná.

It can be reached from the tram stop Vinohradská tržnice or metro Jiřího z Poděbrad.

More information can be found on their Facebook page and the Containall website.

Meetfactory at Lihovar

MeetFactory is opening up a summer space with a cinema, theater, and bar at the former Lihovar site in Smíchov. It will be in operation until the end of July. After that, the remains of the former distillery will be torn down in August to make way for a large housing development.

The area will be open according to what is on the program. For the summer cinema the venue opens at 8 pm. There is a snack bar but people can also bring their own food and beverages.

Film screenings at 9:30 pm on Mondays and Wednsdays will be free. The Wednesday program is in cooperation with Czech Radio station Vltava. Mondays are guilty pleasures selected by Meetfactory staff. Not all films are English friendly.

A distillery was first located on the site in 1836, with the last major building work completed in 1907. In the 1950s, the distillery was nationalized and eventually started to make vinegar instead of alcohol. Efforts to revitalize the plant after 1989 failed, and it shut down in 2000. Only the main building with a large chimney will be preserved in the future.

The closet tram and bus stop is Lihovar; by metro it is bit of a hike from Smíchovské nádraží.

More events will be announced over Facebook and the Meetfactory website.

Manifesto at Anděl

Manifesto is expanding to a third location in Prague's Anděl district. It should open soon, though the date has not yet been publicly announced. The new venue will stay open all year, and will have 13 kitchens and ghost kitchens, two large bars, and a capacity of up to 500 seats. The aim is to create a new foodie destination near a busy transit hub and in the heart of the shopping, business and entertainment district of Anděl. Manifesto will also introduce a vertical hydroponic farm to showcase a futuristic trend in growing fresh produce in an urban context.

“Andel is the perfect location to deserve such a project, it’s a great fit. Honestly, I can’t wait to see this open, because it will revive the site of the former Vietnamese market and completely change the visitors’ demographic, which will increase the safety of this neighborhood,” Prague 5 Mayor Renáta Zajíčková said.

“It will become a beautiful place for active people and families with children to meet. I am convinced that Manifesto will increase the attractiveness of Andel, seen as a larger center of the metropolis,” she added.

More information can be found on the Manifesto Facebook page and website.

Elpíčko in Libeň

Two bars, two stages and a bakery have opened up in a new beer garden and cultural center called Elpíčko, near the Palmovka metro stop near Zenklova 305/1. Hours are daily from 2 pm to 10 pm. Beer from the popular Vinohradský pivovar is on tap. Sports can sometimes be watched on a projection screen. There is sometimes live music in the evening.

More information and a schedule of events can be found on the venue’s Facebook page.

Azyl78 and Džungle BKAO in Výstaviště

A circus tent called Azyl78 has popped up in Výstaviště with a program of music and theater for the summer. Along with it, there is a relaxation zone with a beverage and snack stand called Džungle BKAO, and comfortable reclining seating. You don’t need tickets to a show to take advantage of the snack bar or seats. It is open daily 10 am to 10 pm. On tap you can find Budějovický Budvar 33, Redix, and Fučík Red Ale. There are also cocktails, soft drinks and hot drinks.

Read more about the venue in our original story. For information on shows, visit the Jatka78 Facebook page or website. The popup bar also has its own Facebook page.

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