Meet Mobi: Prague Zoo's newborn gorilla officially named

Following a public poll, Prague Zoo introduced its six-week-old female gorilla during an official naming ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 11.02.2024 09:59:00 (updated on 11.02.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The latest addition to Prague Zoo's gorilla family was officially named Mobi during a ceremony at Prague Zoo yesterday afternoon. Born on January 2, Mobi's name carries significance as it comes from the language spoken by people around Cameroon's Dja Biosphere Reserve—it roughly translates as 'heiress' or 'successor'.

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda, Deputy Mayor Jana Komrsková, and YouTuber Karel "Kovy" Kovář participated in Mobi's ceremonial "baptism" during yesterday's ceremonial event. Prague Zoo Director Miroslav Bobek expressed gratitude for the Czech public's involvement in naming Mobi, following an online poll.

"The name Mobi is a great choice for the daughter of Duni, the granddaughter of Moja, and the great-granddaughter Kijiva and Richard," Bobek noted during the ceremony.

"The Czech public decided on its selection, however, the author of the proposed name is Philone Mamkobene, a high school student living in Somalomo, Cameroon. The name not only reflects several generations of successful gorilla breeding at the Prague Zoo, but also connects us with Central Africa, where we strive for the long-term conservation of nature, primarily wild gorillas."

Prague Mayor Svoboda commended the zoo's dedication over the years, recalling the baptism of Moja, the first baby gorilla born in the Czech Republic.

"I remember the day when the first baby gorilla born in the Czech Republic, the famous Moja, was baptized here at Prague Zoo in 2005," added Svoboda.

"Today we are naming her granddaughter here. A lot has changed during that time, but the performance of the management, breeders and the entire team of the Prague Zoo is still at a top level, and I am glad that thanks to the Zoo, the people of Prague and visitors to the city can establish a relationship with the fascinating animals."

Popular YouTuber Kovy, who attended the ceremony as one of Mobi's godfathers, also expressed honor and joy at being part of the event.

"It is unbelievable to me that here in the Dja Reserve we are practically face to face with gorillas," Kovy noted. "Baptizing a gorilla is a great honor for me, especially when the name that I also voted for won the online poll."

Excitement at the zoo continues as another gorilla, Kijivu, is also expecting. With Mobi's birth contributing to wildlife conservation projects worldwide, visitors play a vital role in supporting efforts to protect endangered species and biodiversity far beyond Prague.

If you'd like to see Prague Zoo's newest gorilla yourself in the upcoming weeks, Bobek recommends visiting during gorilla feeding times at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for the best opportunities.

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