5 Laid-Back Summer Hair Looks

Side-pinned hair, ballerina bun, playful braids, and more...

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 30.06.2011 16:07:16 (updated on 30.06.2011) Reading time: 2 minutes

Summer styles range from mussed and punk to sleek and finished with one thing in common: they´re fuss-free looks that work with the natural state of your hair—and if summer´s about one thing, it´s going with the flow. Mark Weston, owner of Trichomania Hair Salon, says that´s good news: “You should always work with your hair, not against it.” (A good place to start, Weston adds, is a professional haircut with a strong shape.)

To maintain your nice-and-easy style, he suggests “products that offer texture and shine, not hold and volume–sticky hair never moves nicely.” Weston´s own Trichomania 1-of-a-Kind Modeling Spray with added UV protection and Mark Weston Praha Hair Serum, available at his Anglická Street salon, give the styles here added luster and touchability.

Side-pinned hair
Side-swept, imperfect hair, pinned in place with a statement barrette, isn´t just pretty, it´s practical for easy summer upkeep and even works on shorter styles. Opt for chunky, stand-out barrettes with wood, gold, or beaded accents. To get the look:

●Apply a hydrating cream to hair before drying
●Make a very deep part to the left, securing with a thick barrette above the ears
●For added wave, the curl hair beneath barrette with a wide-barrel curling iron

Ballerina bun
Just because you´re stuck in Prague teaching summer classes doesn´t mean you can´t give the impression of off-duty Národní Divadlo dancer—or heiress on holiday. For your most beautiful bun:

●Pull dry hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band
●Twist ponytail until it starts to coil around rubber band and secure with bobby pins
●Don´t stress if a few strands escape or poke out, the sloppy bun is a look all its own!

Sleek and chic for short
While longer styles lean toward big and bushy this season, shorter ´dos are sleek and androgynous, tucked behind the ear to showcase oversized accessories. For slicked-back success:

●Start with a strong part
●Get a wet-look finish by styling with pomade
●Use bobby pins on wet hair to create sculpted waves

Playful braids
Random braids are one trend that´s not going anywhere. The stand-out look of the “braidy” bunch, the milkmaid, seems to be this season´s favorite:

●Make a center part, splitting hair in two sections down the middle
●Braid each pigtail and secure with a rubber band
●If hair is long enough, try to cross over just beneath crown and secure in back with bobby pins

Full-on Frizz

Do humid temps and tropical travel get your naturally curly hair in a tizzy? Put down that conditioner and embrace the kink! Frizzy styles à la ´70s-ear Streisand are back. If your hair is straight try:

● Small tight braids left in overnight then picked out
● A crimping iron (use a thermal protectant first)
● Dry shampoo (all hair types) to extend the life of your frothy style

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