International customer service awards launch in the Czech Republic

How is customer service in the Czech Republic these days? Vote now for the best service in Prague and beyond

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 02.07.2019 12:16:23 (updated on 02.07.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

Research has shown that just one negative experience is enough for 51% of customers in the USA to decide to never do business with a company again — but how are customer relations perceived in the Czech Republic, a country where service with a smile is the exception not the rule?

A recent study says that poor customer relations can actually impact entire economies; even in the Czech Republic. In research conducted by Genesys, customers in virtually all countries surveyed (including the Czech Republic) ended at least one relationship per year due to poor service.

The International Certification Association (ICERTIAS), a Zurich-based organization devoted to consumer protection, has put out a call for nominations for its “Customers’ Friend” project, which recognizes companies for providing a superior user experience.

Beautiful young cashier is holding a credit card and smiling while working at the supermarket

Its aim? To promote the culture of high-quality relations between manufacturers and service providers and their customers.

”With the Customers’ Friend medal, we want to highlight those companies that really provide the market with better user experience and are ready to go that step further in their desire and effort to make their users more than happy,” says Robert Slavecki, Cofounder, Senior Partner and CEO of ICERTIAS,

ICERTIAS “laureates” present in 40 countries worldwide include companies such as Bosch, HP, Hyundai, Lidl, Nestle, P&G, UniCredit, and Vodafone.

Companies that are being sought out in the Czech Republic are those that cultivate an excellent relationship with their customers and clients; whose employees are always kind and professional.

To see which local businesses have been selected by our own readers as exemplars of these criteria, see this article from our archives, How (and Where) to Get Excellent Customer Service In Prague.

To nominate a company in the Czech Republic for the “Customers’ Friend” certificate, visit

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