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How to study? Relax! Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.11.2012 10:02:42 (updated on 20.11.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes

The method we are outlining in the above video helps you learn and understand a foreign language… This method is called “superlearning”, and has been used since 1970s.

Superlearning helps ALA students expand their passive vocabulary and ability to understand. You can try it for free if you download ALApp for iPad. It is one of the methods used in the ARCHIMEDES method

If you’re relaxed, your brain is ready to help you with anything. Have you ever experienced the situation when you were “turned off”, staring off into space, and suddenly a great and brilliant thought came to your mind? You can ask your brain not only to come up with a great idea, but also to remember a lot of information and even phrases of a foreign language.

Close your eyes, relax, listen to the music and visualize the words and phrases that you hear. You’ll hear it in Czech, then in English, and again in Czech.

Bydlím v Praze, ale nejsem Čech. – I live in Prague but I am not Czech.
Jsem ženatý. – I am married.
Moje manželka je Češka, ale doma mluvíme anglicky. – My wife is Czech but we speak English at home.
Můžete to zopakovat? – Could you repeat it?
Chci mluvit česky. – I want to speak Czech.

With this method, your passive vocabulary will grow and you’ll understand these phrases when you hear them again in real-life situations.

If you aren’t convinced that this method really works, just take it as another way to practise the language.

Listening to phrases and collocations is very useful when learning any language. You don’t learn separate words – in the phrase DÁM SI VODU the ending of VODA (water) is changed. It is good to know the whole phrase – not only the ending. The word VODU doesn’t make sense separately.

Furthermore, if you use superlearning you’ll have the phrases in your mind and you will just say it without the need of thinking about the ending or the structure.

Who knows, maybe the next set of phrases in the app will be:

Miláčku, můžeš vynést odpadky? – Honey, can you take the garbage out?
Ano, samozřejmě! – Yes, sure!

And the wife will be saying this in Czech from now on!

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