Interactive Czech: Memory Training

Are you Mr. or Mrs. Memory, or do you need to repeat the thing that you're learning many times? Staff

Written by Staff Published on 11.01.2013 14:58:19 (updated on 11.01.2013) Reading time: 2 minutes

Are you Mr. or Mrs. Memory, or do you need to repeat the thing that you’re learning many times?

Imagine that you have to write down at least five of your friend’s phone numbers. Without looking at your cell phone! Are you able to do that? If so, we suppose that you’re using those numbers often and you have to dial the number manually. Otherwise, we are sure you won’t remember it by heart.

Learn and Remember Vocabulary

It is the same with any foreign language. If you speak it, you aren’t forgetting it. If you have a plenty of vocabulary to learn, the best way how to handle it is to repeat, repeat and repeat.


The application Flashcards that you’ve seen in the video helps a lot to expand one’s active vocabulary. You can practice translating from English to Czech or from Czech to English. What do you find more difficult? Let’s try it:

Tenhle chlap je ožralý …. What does it mean in English?

And how would you say “this woman is smashed”? … Got it? It’s much more difficult to translate the phrase from English to Czech because you have to think of the gender, case, the form of the verb, prepositions etc. If you just read the Czech sentence, you may get the meaning but you may not notice all the forms. This activity helps you to work with the foreign language, to find the right word in your head.

The ALApp application helps you to remember new words and phrases by regular repetition. If you find any card difficult, put it into the ‘hard’ folder. The system will show you the card again very soon. If you put a card into the ‘easy’ folder, it will appear in a week. If you repeat something that you find hard many times, you will remember. It sounds easy and learning anything is easy with Flashcards.

Interactive Czech: Memory Training

Flashcards are based on Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve and Spaced Repetition. One can learn geography, math, or even soft skills with Flashcards. You can make your own paper Flashcards or you can use those from the ALApp to learn Czech.

You can download the ALApp here and learn more about the app here.

By the way, how would you say “this guy is smashed”?

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