Interactive Czech: Jít / Jet

Be careful not to confuse these two similar verbs! Staff

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Nazdar! Jak se máš? – Hi, how are you?
Dobrý! – Fine!
Mám plán! Chci jít do Paříže! – I have a plan! I want to go (jít – walk) to Paris!
Opravdu? Jít do Paříže? Z Prahy? – Really? Go to Paris? From Prague?
Ano, jak se tam jde? Těším se! – Yes, how can I go there? I am looking forward to it!
Vídíš tohle? To je západ. A ty půjdeš a půjdeš a půjdeš a asi za měsíc dojdeš do Paříže. –  You see overthere? That’s west. So you walk, walk, walk and walk and in about month you´ll reach Paris.
Aha, POJEDU do Paříže. Vlakem. A teď už musím jít domů. – Oh I see, I will TRAVEL to Paris. By train. And now I must go home.
Užij si to, šťastnou cestu! – Enjoy it, safe journey!

It could be very difficult for non-Czech speaking people to use these verbs (jít and jet) correctly. Some of them don´t know the difference, and others know there is a difference but don´t know what to use when. And the rest do know the difference, do know the rule but aren´t able to pronounce it correctly.

One verb, to go, is expressed by at least two verbs in Czech. If we are speaking about walking, or going on foot, we use the verb JÍT. If we´re speaking about going somewhere by car, bus, train, or even plane, we use the verb JET. These verbs can take prefixes such as při- or od(e)-

JÍT – to walk
Jdu do obchod. – I am walking to the shop.
Kdy půjdeme na večeři? – When are we going to have dinner? (when walking/travelling is not involved or unknown,  jít is used)
Včera jsem šel k zubaři. – Yesterday I went to the dentist.


JET – to travel, to go by …
V pátek jedeme do Liberce. – On Friday we are going to Liberec.
Pojedeš s námi? – Are you going with us?
Odjeli jsme v pět. – We left at five.

CHODIT – to go regularly
Sometimes you can hear also the verb CHODIT. This means to go regularly and it is related to physical or cultural activities.
Jak často chodíš běhat? – How often do you go running?
Rád chodím to divadla. – I like going to the theatre.

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