Interactive Czech: Archery

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Written by Staff Published on 20.08.2012 12:11:08 (updated on 20.08.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes

Get Czech right into your heart!

Tak, zatáhni ruku.  – So, pull back your arm.
Ruka?  – Arm?
Zavři jedno oko.  – Close one eye
Oko? Jedno oko.  – Eye? One eye.
Skvěle!  – Great!
Dýchej…  – Breathe…
Dýchat…  – To breathe..
A střílej!  – And fire!
Příště víc nahoru.  – Next time a bit higher.
Nahoru? Nahoru…  – Higher? Higher…

We hope you’re not afraid of languages, especially Czech. Although it may seem difficult, once you  get used to it, you’ll love it.

Remember being a child and trying to speak your mother tongue? NO? We neither. Usually, when learning a foreign language, you learn the pronunciation, grammar, and you realize you’re learning something, you realize the process.

If you’d like to learn something very effectively, the best way is to combine more methods. Also when you use more senses, you learn more effectively.

“Tell me, and I will forget.  Show me, and I may remember.  Involve me, and I will understand.”

If you try something, you remember it better and easier. As a child, you simply live the language; you don’t learn the grammar, you only speak.


Apartment for rent, 3+kk - 2 bedrooms, 84m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 3+kk - 2 bedrooms, 84m2

Havlíčkovo náměstí, Praha 3 - Žižkov

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 70m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 70m2

Kamenická, Praha 7 - Holešovice

Apartment for rent, 1+KK - Studio, 42m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 1+KK - Studio, 42m2

nábřeží Závodu míru, Pardubice - Zelené Předměstí

Retail space for sale, m<sup>2</sup>

Retail space for sale, m2

Družstevní, Chýně

When learning foreign languages, it is good to live the language, too. For expats, it is great to learn the language in the country where the language is spoken. For those who don’t live in such a country, there are many tools. One of them could be movies with or without subtitles or foreign-language speaking friends.

Interactive Czech: Archery

You’ll remember the things you write
Remember writing cribs? If you write something, you remember it better, too. That’s why dictations can be a real help – try to write something that you hear – and you practice listening and spelling, too.

The best dictionary is the world around us
Or try to learn as much vocab as you can. See something in the street that you don’t understand? Look it up! And write it again! And if you create Czech-English cards, it will help you, too! By revising them, you will remember the words for a long time.

Read it although you don’t fully understand it!
Try bilingual books; although you won’t understand everything, the English version will help you and you don’t have to waste time looking the word up.

Speak and speak
Have you ever tried speaking Czech to yourself? Just walking down the street and describing people, shops, or acting as in a dialogue? This helps you a lot because when you start to think in Czech, speaking will be more natural!

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