Foreigners count: how to complete the 2021 census in the Czech Republic

The census begins on March 26 and foreigners are required to complete it too, with potential fines for those who don't. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 23.03.2021 16:08:00 (updated on 26.03.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

The 2021 census gets underway this week and it's not just required for people born in the Czech Republic but also for those who have temporary or permanent residency in the country or have stayed here for more than 90 days.

The census takes place every ten years. The start date for this years' edition is Friday at midnight. It will run until May 11, but online forms should be returned by April 9. There are repercussions for those who fail to comply as the census is a legal obligation and failure to take part could result in a CZK 10,000 fine.

The aim of a census is to collect information on the population of a country, it is not unique to the Czech Republic. It helps government and organizations with planning for things such as hospitals, schools, and public transport.

Census spokeswoman Jolana Voldánová told ČTK, "The census duty applies to all Czech citizens with permanent residence in the Czech Republic irrespective of where in the world they live and whether they have foreign citizenship in addition to Czech... The census only does not apply to the Czech citizens who live abroad and have their Czech residence terminated."

The census must also be completed by anyone who has been granted asylum by midnight from March 26 to 27. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, the Census does not apply to diplomats and foreigners who will be in the Czech Republic for less than 90 days only.

It doesn’t matter which country the person lives in or whether they also have another citizenship. If you are abroad you can only get counted via the electronic form in any place where there is a connection to the internet.

People can also fill in data on behalf of other household members or send a link to them. Relatives or other close persons can fill in the forms for those who have no Internet connection. It is also possible to interrupt the filling of the form, save the data and continue later.

“To sign into the electronic census form at the website or in a mobile application called Sčítání2, you can use valid identity papers issued by the Czech Republic, a banking identity or electronic identity,” Marek Rojíček, President of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), stated on the CZSO website.

The census is available in seven different languages including English, German and Russian for the online version with translated paper forms also available.

For people with children, the form may be completed by an adult member of the household, whether that be a parent or guardian.

The electronic census form will be available from 27 March to 9 April. You can take part using the website or via the mobile app, which can be downloaded using Google Play or App Store under the name "Census21" or "Sčítání21". In order to complete it, you will need a passport, Czech identity number, and your date of birth.

Polls show that seven in ten Czechs plan to fill in and send their answers online, the CSU said. Questions about the census in Czech, English, and Russian will be answered on the phone lines 840 30 40 50 and 253 253 683. Moreover, a chatbot and live chat with an operator will be available.

According to ČTK, the census this year will involve half as much data as the previous version conducted ten years ago. It is put together by the CZSO and takes an average of 15 minutes to complete. The first results should be released at the end of this year or the start of next year.

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