Garlic soup, roasted duck ranked among best Czech dishes by TasteAtlas

Gourmands from around the globe have rated their favorite Czech foods on the popular dining platform, and these ten dishes came out on top. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.09.2023 17:03:00 (updated on 03.09.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

What's your favorite Czech dish? Popular foodie platform TasteAtlas has updated its list of the top 10 Czech dishes as rated by members of its community this weekend, and the list contains both hearty comfort food and some delectable sweets.

The user ratings on TasteAtlas reflect genuine gourmands from across the globe, and ignore "nationalist or local patriotic ratings," giving the list a different flavor than what appear locally. Additional weight is given to users identified as "knowledgeable," and more than 5,000 ratings were analyzed to come up with the list of the top 10 Czech dishes.

So what are the top-rated Czech dishes? The unassuming česnečka (garlic soup) is now ranked as the very best Czech dish by TasteAtlas users.

Česnečka, often hailed as the ultimate remedy for a cold or hangover in Czech tradition, is a hearty garlic soup with a flavorful twist. It combines garlic, potatoes, meat broth, onions, caraway, and marjoram, offering a wholesome and aromatic experience. Garnished with grated cheese and crispy croutons, the soup is commonly enjoyed as an appetizer.

Second on the TasteAtlas is a familiar favorite: pečená kachna (roasted duck) features duck seasoned with caraway seeds and marjoram, slow-roasted to achieve a crispy, golden exterior. Typically served with potatoes, bread dumplings, and braised red cabbage, this dish embodies the essence of traditional Czech cuisine.

On and around St. Martin's Day in November, a variation of this dish (Svatomartinská husa) is made with roast goose in place of duck, and paired with a new Czech wine from the year's harvest.

After garlic soup and roast duck, what's for dessert? How about some Valašský frgál (Wallachian cake), a traditional round-shaped sweet cake hailing from the Moravia that can feature a variety of toppings (fruit, nut, or tvaroh are popular) and boasts a golden hue and a crumbly topping.

While the Czech Republic may not be known for its sweets, they were popular among TasteAtlas users, who also included traditional koláče (Czech cakes), koblihy (American-style filled doughnuts), and vdolky (doughnuts topped with jam and cream) among the country's top 10 dishes.

Top 10 Czech dishes as rated by TasteAtlas (September 2, 2023)

  • 10. Vdolky: Soft, tender Czech doughnuts topped with jam and whipped cream or crumbled tvaroh cottage cheese.
  • 9. Smažený sýr: A crispy block of cheese, coated in eggs, breadcrumbs, and flour, frequently served with tartar sauce.
  • 8. Koblihy: American-style doughnuts filled with jam or custard, and topped with powdered sugar.
  • 7. Koláče: Sweet pastry rolls topped with various ingredients, from plums and cheese to poppy seeds.
  • 6. Guláš: A hearty meat stew with a rich, paprika-infused sauce, a Czech and Slovak favorite.
  • 5. Halušky: Soft potato dumplings served with bacon and other accompaniments.
  • 4. Svíčková: Braised beef in a creamy vegetable sauce with bold flavors, a Czech classic.
  • 3. Valašský frgál: A sweet cake with diverse toppings, a specialty of the Moravian Wallachia region.
  • 2. Pečená kachna: Czech roasted duck dish with crispy skin, commonly served with potatoes and cabbage.
  • 1. Česnečka: Czech garlic soup with potatoes and spices, often topped with cheese and croutons.

TasteAtlas is careful to note that its rankings are not definitive global conclusions, but serve as a means to celebrate exceptional local cuisines and inspire culinary adventures. What's your favorite Czech dish from their top 10?

What's your favorite Czech dish among the top 10 on Taste Atlas?

Vdolky 1 %
Smažený sýr 14 %
Koblihy 3 %
Koláče 2 %
Guláš 13 %
Halušky 5 %
Svíčková 22 %
Valašský frgál 1 %
Pečená kachna 32 %
Česnečka 7 %
138 readers voted on this poll. Voting is open
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