Free guided tours: City Hall launches Prague Stops video series on YouTube

The impressively decorated spaces of three municipal buildings are explored, and more episodes will follow.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 21.04.2021 16:46:00 (updated on 21.04.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague City Hall is offering free guided tours of important buildings – via a new series of YouTube videos. The Prague Stops series so far has five entries so far, and there are versions with English subtitles as well as Czech ones.

The videos take people to places that are mostly well-known, but not always easy to see inside of. The series aims to promote the capital as well as maintain a positive image of City Hall in the eyes of the public.

The first five pilot episodes, which run about five minutes each, are focused on the past and present of three buildings where the city administration is located.

“Last year we were all affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and people lost many opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment, including the open days of municipal buildings,” Jana Berková, the director of the Media and Marketing Department of Prague City Hall, said. She initiated the program.

“Traditionally, once a year we allowed the public to see the Mayor's Residence, the New City Hall, or the Škoda Lounges in the Škoda Palace. With these videos, we want to at least partially compensate the public for this deficit,” Berková said.

The author and guide of the videos is Vít Hofman, head of the media department and spokesman for the Prague City Hall. “We drew some inspiration from Prague Castle, where they also shot similar videos, but I dare say that ours are a bit better,” Hofman said.

The videos are created primarily for the capital's Facebook and YouTube channels. The city will also use the program for other promotional purposes, such as in the rest area of the Metropolitan Vaccination Center.

Each episode features a guest who helps to give some relevant information. Martin Churavý, head of the protocol department, talks about the Mayor's Residence. He not only points out the interesting features of the Art Deco space, but explains some of the planning that goes into ceremonial events held there.

Lukáš Stránský, head of the technical department, and Václav Ledvinka, historian, archivist and former director of the Archives of the Capital City of Prague, talk about the Škoda Palace. They point out that the building was made for the Škoda manufacturing firm, which wanted to create impressive offices with décor by leading artists.

The director of the Department of Elected Bodies, David Lísal, appears on the episode about the New City Hall. He explains the behind-the-scenes work that goes on before municipal meetings.

The first five videos were shot by Boki Production for CZK 75,800 without VAT. The municipality plans to continue shooting this year. In other episodes, they will to take a light-hearted approach to, for example, the vehicle register, the underground of the Old Town Hall, public lighting, and the city’s embankments.

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