Fishermen descend on Czechia's largest pond for centuries-old carp harvest tradition

With Christmas a little over two months away, fishermen across the country are preparing to catch as many carp as possible. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 13.10.2023 11:13:00 (updated on 13.10.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Tens of fishermen in Třeboň, South Bohemia, began this morning the long-running annual tradition of fishing in the largest pond in Czechia. Over the next few weeks, their goal is to capture about 80 tons of sellable fish – including pike, grass carp, and perch, along with 50 tons of Christmas carp sourced from numerous ponds between October and November. 

Aiming for a high yield for Christmas

Dating back centuries, this custom sees fishermen don full-rubber suits and wellingtons, and enter the lake, where they capture fish with nets and other instruments. Later on, the pond is drained. The spectacle, which attracts visitors from around the country, will continue at the pond in Třeboň until Sunday.

Třeboň Fisheries, the organization of fish retailers in the region, has decided not to increase prices this year following a substantial 2022 increase. A kilogram of carp will cost around CZK 130-140, and the average price in Prague will be slightly higher, due to transportation costs.

"We didn't raise prices at all, because this year we have no reason. Last year, energy and transport were expensive, but this year it is appropriate to leave prices at this level.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fish Markets Rudolf Provázek

Other ponds in the region are also bustling with fishing activities. Notable examples include the Horusický, Dvořiště, and Svět ponds, which will have a fishing event similar to Třeboň's from Nov. 6 to 8. For comprehensive information on the various fishing events in Czechia, a detailed overview is available on the website

Třeboň Fisheries expects a lower field of fish compared to last year, putting this down to unseasonal temperatures and fluctuations in the weather earlier this year. The unusually warm September and lack of rain are the main factors behind this. 

The price-freezing of carp will come as welcome news to thousands of people across the country, who will – as is custom in Czechia – purchase carp for their Christmas dinners. 

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