Feast Game of Thrones style at Prague's medieval taverns

Enjoy grilled ribs, roast duck and goulash in a setting that would appeal to the Hound

Petr Ryska

Written by Petr Ryska Published on 15.04.2019 08:24:29 (updated on 15.04.2019) Reading time: 4 minutes

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A “krčma” was a tavern in the Middle Ages that offered lodging and meals. It was set up in areas where markets took place and where people gathered; it was often part of a “týn” or fortification where merchants paid customs fees and stored their goods.

Today the word “krčma” conjures medieval ambiance and gastronomy. And tourists. But that doesn’t mean that the food isn’t delicious (think roast pork knee, grilled ribs, roast duck or goulash) – even if it is served in a setting that would appeal to the Hound.

These are among the best in Prague, allowing for your very own Game of Thrones experience!

Dinner is coming.


This Krčma with a capital K is easily accessible, being hidden in a cellar just near the Old Town Square in the shadow of the unique renaissance St. Salvador church. Flickering flames of burning wood in the stove accent the pleasant and comfortable ambiance. You can experience a sausage with black beer served in a cast iron skillet with Krčma homemade bread, as well as a feast for carnivores, 2kg of meat brought to you on a wooden cutting board. www.krcma.cz


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Close to Old Town Square, but unless you know the way, it is not easy to find. Mlejnice is tucked away in a narrow and winding Kožná lane means in English “mill room”. Here you really find yourself in the stylish ambiance of an old mill. Both the beer goulash served in a loaf of bread and the pork knee roasted in beer are delicious. Mlejnice has another branch of the same name on Žatecká street near the Pinkas Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter. www.restaurace-mlejnice.cz

U Sádlů

This pleasant place is slightly off the beaten path and it is further accessed via a corridor and a long spiral staircase. You will be amazed by the unique medieval fittings that are reminiscent of a former dungeon. You should not miss the pork knee roasted in caraway served with cabbage or deer saddle with various sauces. www.usadlu.cz

U Parléře

To avoid the crowds of tourists and busy taverns in the centre during peak season, head to Vinohrady. There the krčma U Parléře awaits you, just a few steps behind the museum. The enthusiastic owner welcomes his guests with a personal approach. And what´s more, he supervises the kitchen and personally oversees the quality of food and service every day.

If you’re brave and self-confident, do not hesitate to order the royal platter for 4-6 persons weighing 5 kg and consisting of knee roast, pork ribs, roast duck, roast chicken, smoked pork, pickles, mustard, and horseradish. www.uparlere.cz

Staročeská krčma (Old Bohemian Tavern)

This krčma is a secret surprise in Dejvice. Being off the beaten track you can enjoy old bohemian cuisine for very pleasant prices. The cosy atmosphere is underlined by perfectly stacked wood behind your back.Go there after five o’clock, when the chef prepares local specialities on an open fire right in front of you. www.staroceskakrcma.cz

Krčma U Pavouka (The Spider Tavern)

In another underground krčma on Celetná street, you will be taken back to medieval times. Descend into the darkness of an old gothic cellar (this belongs to one of the most attractive in Prague) you will be surprised by lots of small flickering torch lights. On most evenings there is a historical fantasy show with a group of musicians playing live medieval music all night, sword-fighters playing as musketeers and belly dancers performing different techniques with swords, fire and snakes. You also have a chance to participate in that performance. www.krcmaupavouka.cz

U sedmi švábů (Seven Swabians)

The krčma is just few steps off the Royal Way – on the Jánský Vršek stairway. The clothing and manners of the staff suggest that time stopped in 1493. The whole hangout is immersed in darkness, illuminated only by bursts of flames in the fireplace and candles. The meals are authentic, prepared according to recipes from the 15th and 16th century. On Friday and Saturday evenings you will see swordsmen, dancers, fire-eaters and a beggar with medieval music. Before the dinner theMuseum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague is worth visiting, just few steps down the stairway. www.7svabu.cz

U Brabanta

The Pub at the King of Brabant is one of Prague’s oldest pubs. It is actually a Prague branch of the famous medieval tavern in Dětenice (about 80 km northeast from Prague). The pub has a daily program from Tuesday till Saturday. Already King Wenceslas IV and the hangman called Mydlář used to be guests here. An ancient building and cellar create an excellent ambiance for this medieval tavern with original dishes. I recommend sitting in the underground room, where clusters of human skulls hang directly over your head. Try their excellent brew from the “mother krčma” in Dětenice. www.krcmabrabant.cz

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