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A round-up of interesting & offbeat evening classes for grown-ups

Lisette Allen

Written by Lisette Allen Published on 10.09.2012 10:50:04 (updated on 10.09.2012) Reading time: 5 minutes

Autumn’s here again (or should that be fall?), which for kids can only mean one thing — back to school time. However, September can be a great chance for grown-ups to return to the classroom, too. Whether you’re looking to fall in love with an old passion all over again or discover a new one — and meet some like-minded people in the process — there’s a surprisingly wide range of adult education courses in English on offer. Last year we put together a round-up of the conventional ones; this time we’ve tried to track down some of the quirkier options. 

What are you waiting for? Pack your satchel and get to class!

Shake your booty 

If you’ve had enough of Zumba and want to turn up the temperature — but not to a Bikram Yoga style 40°C — then why not give poledancing a whirl? 

Poledancing is a fusion of gymnastics, acrobatics, and contemporary dance guaranteed to develop your agility and upper body strength so you needn’t hanker after a career as a stripper to have a go. Poletime Dance Studio in Prague provides classes taught in Czech but they can be made bilingual if English speakers are present. Beginners are welcome and everyone gets their own pole, so there’s no danger of a cat-fight.

Poletime Dance Studio
Poletime Dance Studio

Finally master Czech – the fun way 

Let’s begin by pointing out the obvious: learning Czech is tough. Whether you’re a perpetual beginner or a wobbly intermediate, chances are you’ve found yourself wishing you had a better mastery of the local lingo. However, if attending conventional language classes sounds dull, there are other options. My Language Adventure provide innovative courses where you’re taught Czech while learning how to mix a cocktail, make sushi, or shoot a bow and arrow.

My Language Adventure
My Language Adventure

Enjoy chatting over coffee? Then Jazykava could be for you. The café Kava Kava Kava hosts conversation classes moderated by a language teacher: simply pay an initial membership fee of 100 CZK and then sign up for individual lessons, which cost from 100 CZK for 60 minutes, according to your timetable. Classes begin again from mid-September.

Become a silversmith 

Back in the reign of Rudolf II, Prague was full of alchemists who laboured to transform lead into gold. They failed, but there’s nothing to stop you playing around with molten metal and crafting something exquisite. Veronika Hilská’s jewellery-making course for beginners covers all the basic goldsmith techniques, such as soldering, filing, and drilling. During the sixteen hours of tuition, you’ll produce several pieces of your own, including a ring with an intricate cut-out pattern. There’s a more advanced version, too, where you can learn how to make silver jewellery cast from a wax mould. Now that’s magical.

Unleash your inner artist 

Has admiring Prague’s stunning architecture rekindled your love of sketching? If you long to reawaken your inner Picasso, then head for the Muddum studio in Letná. Their Art-Lab course is aimed at all levels and covers sculpting, painting and model drawing. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 19:00-21:00 and cost 2600 CZK for the trimester or 250 CZK per session. 

Can’t commit to regular sessions? Try a one-off art workshop instead. All materials are included in the 700 CZK price and everyone leaves with a finished masterpiece to hang over the mantelpiece – or hide under your bed.

Perfect your right hook 

Overdosed on Rocky DVDs? Looking for an acceptable outlet for your aggression? Leap into the ring at Delroy’s Gym, where you’ll learn to put up your dukes like a proper pugilist. Group classes are offered in kickboxing and thai-bo as well as classical boxing and cost 150 CZK a session. One-to-one tuition is also available if you’re serious about becoming the next Mohammed Ali — or flooring your cheating spouse with a mean right hook.

Delroy’s Gym
Delroy’s Gym

Train your brain 

Do you find yourself aimlessly wandering down the aisles at the supermarket without a clue what you came in for – and where exactly did you put that list? 

There is hope. Research shows the brain is constantly rewiring itself, which means that with the right training you can improve your powers of recall. The Czech Society for Memory Training and Brain Jogging offers classes where practical techniques are taught to help improve cognitive function and offset the impact of ageing. While primarily attended by seniors, even younger folk can benefit from exercising their little grey cells, as your neurological capacity begins to deteriorate from the tender age of twenty five. 

Sessions start in November, so hurry up and reserve a place before it slips your mind. 

Make the perfect knedlíky  

However tasty they may be to eat, those knedlíky can be tricky to prepare. If you don’t have a willing Czech mother-in-law to show you the ropes, then it’s time to hit chef school. The Ola Kala culinary atelier runs a course in traditional Czech cuisine where you’ll discover what to do with veal’s cheek, make the perfect svíčková, and serve up fruit dumplings for dessert.  Sessions cost 3900 CZK, which includes materials, a wine tasting session, and a complimentary apron. 

Go walkies 

If your pooch just won’t tow the line, then perhaps he needs teaching a lesson in obedience. Alex van der Kuijl is a dog handler with over thirty years of experience who honed his canine tuition skills while training dogs for the US Army and Czech police force. He runs a variety of classes in Letná Park at beginner and advanced levels as well as bi-annual agility classes. Costs vary according to the course and the number of participants: contact Alex on for further details.

Know of any great adult courses we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section!

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