Czechia to see temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius, but cold weather will follow

There will be a brief break from the overcast and wet conditions that have affected Czechia for several weeks. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.04.2023 09:33:00 (updated on 20.04.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czechia is expecting sunny weather at the end of the week, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius. After the weekend, it will cool down again and the showers will return, in the middle of the week the temperatures will drop below 10 degrees during the day and it will freeze at night, according to a seven-day outlook from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

"This afternoon the sky will start to clear from the east. Tomorrow and Saturday will be sunny, blue skies with mostly cumulus clouds and temperatures up to around 20 degrees Celsius," the CHMÚ said on Twitter.

According to meteorologists, this morning was cold mainly in the northwestern half of Bohemia, where the sky remained clear. The temperature in the Krkonoše mountains, in Jizerské hory, and in part of Krušné hory fell below minus 5 degrees, in Liberec below minus 2 degrees Celsius, it was also freezing in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary.

"In other places under cloud cover, temperatures remained between 7 and 3 degrees Celsius. In southern Bohemia, it even snowed in the morning from central locations," the CHMÚ noted. During the day it will warm up to 13 to 17 degrees, in the west and in the mountains it will be colder, around 9 degrees and around 7 degrees, respectively.

Pleasant weekend expected

It will be clear to partly cloudy on Friday and Saturday, and it will continue to warm up. On Saturday, the highest daily temperatures may reach over 20 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, clouds will start to increase in the west and gradually elsewhere. In some places it will rain again and occasional thunderstorms may occur.

Daily temperatures will remain around 20 degrees in some places and be around 14 degrees in the western half of Bohemia.

Cold and wet weather returning

Monday should be cloudy to overcast, with occasional rain or showers. The highest daily temperatures will reach between 10 degrees to 14 degrees, and in the east in places up to 16 degrees.

The rest of the week until Thursday will be cloudy or partly cloudy. Initially in most areas, with some rain and in higher altitudes mixed precipitation or snow. The highest daily temperatures will reach 6 degrees to 11 degrees, on Tuesday in the southeast it may reach up to 13 degrees.

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