Czech morning news in brief: top stories for Nov. 16, 2020

'Lights of Hope' shine in Brno, more countries turn red on the travel map and the country prepares for Freedom and Democracy Day tomorrow. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 16.11.2020 08:14:00 (updated on 16.11.2020) Reading time: 4 minutes

Top news stories for November 16, 2020, compiled by CTK.

'Lights of Hope' shine in Brno windows for those fighting COVID

COMMUNITY – People lit red lanterns or candles in their windows throughout Brno yesterday evening to express their thanks to medical workers fighting the current coronavirus pandemic. Lucie Stara, head of the local organization that had the idea for 'Lights of Hope', said hundreds of people took part in the event in the Bohunice district of Brno. Many people from other parts of the country joined it, too, she said. She said she hopes the symbolic support 'Light of Hope' has shown within the community will make its way to workers and patients in hospital and to those who are ill with Covid-19 at home, or in home quarantine.

New travel restrictions in place as more countries turn red on travel map

TRAVEL – Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, as well as Lithuania and Latvia will turn red on the Czech travel traffic light map starting today. All travelers, including Czech citizens and legal residents, must now take a coronavirus test when returning home from any of these countries, the Foreign Ministry said on Twitter Sunday. Until today, these states had been orange on the map, which means a moderate risk of infection, with a negative test for COVID-19 being required only from foreigners arriving for long-term work in the Czech Republic. As of today, Ireland will turn from red to orange on the travel map.

Ombudsman wants more protection for people with disabilities

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Deputy Ombudsman Monika Simunkova will focus on the protection of people with disabilities against prejudice and related violence and investigate whether state bodies provide sufficient support to these victims, the Ombudsman Office has written on its website. We consider any statements saying that some people with disabilities are a burden for society or that their life does not have the same value as the life of people without disabilities unacceptable, Simunkova said. She said various hate expressions based on prejudice or wrong ideas about the disabled have recently been appearing in the Czech Republic.

November 17 celebrations go online and TV, protests planned

FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY DAY – The Czech national holiday on November 17, which honors the 1989 Velvet Revolution and past student uprisings in the country, will move online and to broadcast TV this year with officials urging citizens to stay home and enjoy the celebrations in the comfort of their living rooms. Meanwhile, demonstrations against Czech anti-COVID-19 measures are planned to take place in Prague and other locations around the country at the same time. The demonstrations are being organized on social media by Manifest, an initiative created by David Tesař.


Czechs beat Israel in UEFA Nations League play 1-0

SPORT – The Czech national football team defeated Israel 1-0 at home in Plzen's Doosan Arena last night during Group B2 match play of the UEFA Nations League. Midfielder Vladimír Darida - 7, scored the only goal of the match for the Czechs. Next, they will meet Slovakia at home in Plzen Wednesday night. The Czechs are currently one point behind first place Scotland in Group B2 of the UEFA Nations League.

Consortium of NGOs: SPD proposal has "no place in society that respects democratic values

POLITICS – Two Freedom and Democracy (anti-EU opposition SPD) MPs want to ban the possibility of allowing NGOs that support sexual minorities, equal opportunities, or work with asylum seekers. SPD leader Tomio Okamura has been criticising these NGOs which he labels "political" for promoting migration, multiculturalism, positive discrimination and "other nonsense". Andrea Krchova, head of the Consortium of NGOs working with migrants in the Czech Republic told CTK that the SPD proposal had no place in a society that respected democratic values and principles of civic society.

Senate approves ban on caged hens, steeper penalties for circus dressage

POLITICS – Czech Senate approved without changes the ban on caged laying hens from 2027. It also agreed to increase fines for animal cruelty and a ban on dressage in circuses and similar facilities. The senate came to this decision after a four-hour debate over the amendment on the protection of animals against cruelty. The amendment will now be signed by the president. (iDnes)

Above-average warm days replaced by drop in temps later this week

WEATHER – The mists and inversions blanketing the Czech Republic will disappear with the arrival of the new week. Meteorologists expect a slight warming, with daytime temperatures in the coming days rising to 8 to 12°C, approximately 4 degrees above the mid-November average. Morning temps, which would otherwise be around zero, will be higher. The Czech Republic may not see the sun until Thursday, but Thursday evening will see rain clouds and cooling (iDnes)

Czech Centres worldwide commemorate 350th death anniversary of Comenius

CULTURE – Czech Centres in Rotterdam, Rome, Tokyo, Bratislava, and Warsaw took part in events related commemorating philosopher and pedagogue Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius) whose 350th death anniversary was marked Sunday, Czech Centres spokeswoman Petra Jungwirthova told CTK. Comenius based his works on the Czech Hussite tradition and is widely recognised as the founder of modern education. He was born and lived in Moravia. He refused to convert to Catholicism after the defeat of the Czech Protestant nobility's uprising by the Habsburg dynasty in 1620 and was forced into exile in 1628.

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