Czech doctors are the fifth most in-demand in Europe

According to new research, medical tourism in the Czech Republic is booming

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 30.07.2019 09:01:13 (updated on 30.07.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Republic has become a highly sought after destination for medical tourism. So much so that last year alone, almost 20,000 foreigners came to the Czech lands for medical treatment–a substantial increase over the previous year, making the country’s doctors among the most sought after in Europe, according to Pražský deník.

Only doctors in Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Belgium (countries with more sizeable populations) have seen a larger number of patients, making Czech doctors the fifth most in-demand in Europe.

Most foreign patients utilizing Czech medical care last year paid for treatment from their own pocket, primarily visiting private clinics particularly for eye surgery and plastic surgery as well as artificial insemination, obesity treatment, or dentistry, according to the head of the Czech Medical Chamber, Milan Kubek.

With treatments costing roughly 155,000 CZK on average, experts say the state could do a better job to attract more patients and capitalize further on medical tourism, using the resulting income to care for Czech patients.

“But it’s not happening, which is a great pity,” Kubik told the publication. “Healthcare is at a high level in the Czech Republic and it is also safe.” The Czech Republic also has great potential in the fields of oncology and orthopedics experts say.

Czech patients travel abroad far less regularly for medical procedures, only about 3,000 people annually, most of them going to Germany. The research was compiled using data from the office of health insurance.

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