Prague's newest residential area blends urban living with community spirit

With copious greenery and innovative landscape design, Crestyl’s Hagibor project provides a new quality of urban life in the Czech capital.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 12.09.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 26.10.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

Imagine living in the heart of Prague while enjoying the benefits of a more rural style of life: plentiful greenery, low air pollution levels, a strong sense of community, and necessary amenities close at hand.

This is the dream that Crestyl, a developer with over twenty years’ experience on the Czech market, is now offering to future residents at its innovative Hagibor project. Having already delivered various desirable residential projects in Prague, such as Šárecký Dvůr and DOCK in Libeň, Crestyl is transforming a secluded site just a stone’s throw from the Želivského metro station into an oasis of high-quality city life.

Set on the border between the popular Vinohrady and Strašnice districts, and comprising a mix of residential and office buildings, the Hagibor project blends urban connectivity with stress-busting outdoor and indoor elements and a thriving self-contained community, making it one of the Czech capital’s hottest new residential areas.

Best of both worlds

Urban and rural life both have their upsides and downsides. The Hagibor project focuses on delivering the best of both worlds, creating a city-center residential district where the natural world is ever-present.

In practice, this means planting copious trees and incorporating world-class landscape architecture. The result of this work is hundreds of thousands of square meters of green space within the project, creating shade, a cooling effect and a calm environment that’s the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of city life.

“Living in Hagibor is all about being just moments away from the vibrant city center while enjoying being surrounded by a green oasis,” explains Viktor Peška, Crestyl Sales and Marketing Director.

“Hagibor promises a wide range of advantages for both residents and tenants, offering a calm atmosphere to ease stress and bolster well-being. Each apartment has a spacious balcony, terrace, or private garden oriented towards the secure inner courtyard to ensure that everyone, including office tenants, has their own private outdoor space,” Peška adds.

With five separate residential buildings, the Hagibor project will deliver approximately 650 apartments of varying sizes, each with its own private balcony or terrace. State-of-the-art living quarters characterized by high-quality materials, functional design and bright open spaces are currently available in three buildings, named Alfa, Beta and Gamma, in various sizes ranging from 1+kk to 5+kk. The Alfa and Beta buildings are already completed and ready for new homeowners to move in.

Innovative landscape design for better air quality

In keeping with Crestyl’s track record of converting characterful urban locations into vibrant communities, the Hagibor project is transforming an enclosed brownfield site to meet the demands of modern living. This is being achieved through innovative landscape design from Michel Desvigne, an internationally renowned landscape architect whose work focuses on the importance of greenery-infused public spaces that provide cohesion, structure and a focal point for communities.

“At Crestyl, our primary goal lies in creating exceptional public spaces that are not only accessible to the community, but also to the general public,” says Viktor Peška. “The Hagibor area, once a secluded and enclosed brownfield set amid lush parks, presented a unique opportunity for transformation.”

According to Peška, the Hagibor project has been guided since its inception by “the aim of reintroducing greenery, an element that is gradually diminishing in the urban landscape.”

While providing residents with “nature at their doorstep,” this approach also results in much better air quality than can be found in comparable Prague residential areas. Hagibor has a far lower average annual Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentration than almost all other areas in central Prague, resulting in fresh, clean air and a healthy environment for living.

The ‘short-distance’ city

This focus on harmonious and healthy public space is also reflected in Crestyl’s aim to make Hagibor a self-sustaining oasis of thriving urban life. At the heart of the development is a central promenade leading from the Želivského metro stop through the center of the community, surrounded by 3 kilometers of footpaths and sidewalks as well as many benches and plazas. Hagibor will be populated by various amenities, making it a great place to be for residents and passers-by alike.

“Hagibor provides the perfect blend of residing near the vibrant city while living in nature,” says Peška. “We’re committed to creating ‘short-distance cities’, so within the development, we plan to introduce a variety of amenities including multiple restaurants, a canteen, a drugstore, a grocery store and more. If residents find themselves in need of anything else, a diverse array of exceptional restaurants, services and schools are conveniently situated within walking distance.”

The first two buildings at the Hagibor project, Alfa and Beta, have already been completed, bringing a total of 168 completed apartments to the market. The Gamma building is currently in the second phase of construction, with a final inspection scheduled for mid-2024 and future tenants expected to move in by the end of 2024. As this new city center community grows, those interested now have a chance to secure a modern Prague home with a truly special atmosphere.

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