Charity challenge: Get moving and support a good cause in Czechia

Walk, run, or donate, individually or as a family, to one of the causes that the Tereza Maxová Foundation supports through its yearly fundraiser. Staff

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September is the perfect time to stay active and support the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children's Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Fun Movement with a Bear fundraiser. This year, the event will be held virtually, enabling people from Czechia and beyond to participate.

all about teribear

  • The event runs non-stop from Sept. 14 to 23.
  • Registrations started in mid-August 2023 on the TERIBEAR website.
  • To participate, all you need is a smartphone or watch connected to the internet that will track your movements. After registering on the TERIBEAR website, set up a new account with the viRACE app, which synchronizes data with the most common running apps. For every kilometer you walk or run, the partners will donate CZK 20 to a charity of your choice.
  • The results of each participant will be automatically added to the ranking on the TERIBEAR website.
  • For those who prefer the social format of the event, the one-day charity event TERIBEAR moves Mladá Boleslav on Sept. 13 at the Štěpánka Park on Mladá Boleslav allows participation as part of a community gathering.
  • You can contribute even if you’re not the sporty type through the fundraiser For the Friends of TERIBEAR fundraiser, which is available throughout the year.
Photos via the Tereza Maxová foundation
Photos via the Tereza Maxová foundation

Tereza Maxová is a high-profile Czech supermodel whose career began in 1989 and saw her grace the covers of British Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. She established the Tereza Maxová Foundation to support underprivileged children in the Czech Republic in 1997.

Its mascot TERIBEAR, the “hero teddy,” is one of its most visible fundraising projects. A fundraiser organized last year for the 25th birthday of the Tereza Maxová Foundation raised CZK 5 million for disadvantaged kids through a sports charity event. 

Photos via the Tereza Maxová foundation
Photos via the Tereza Maxová foundation

The foundation’s main aims are to provide assistance and support to various vulnerable individuals and families facing challenging circumstances. In its 25 years of activity, hundreds of thousands of children have been supported and almost half a billion crowns were distributed to its projects. Here's a summary of each of the ten initiatives that participants can support this year:

  • Pregnant mothers at risk: Support pregnant mothers facing adversity, who, given the chance of early assistance, can become loving and caring mothers, regardless of their past hardships. One of them is Eva, 22, a young expectant mother living in a hostel with her partner, who are both determined to overcome obstacles and provide a better life for their child with the help of the Tereza Maxová Foundation.
  • Families in need: The funds can go toward preventing families from being driven apart during life crises. One of the people in this position is Margaret, who escaped a relationship marked by domestic and psychological abuse and received support from the Tereza Maxová Foundation to secure housing and protect her son.
  • Moms in shelters starting over: Help mothers in transitioning to a new life after leaving shelters. One of them is Marta, a mother of three who escaped threats and violence, took part in parenting courses and received support from social workers that offered her a new lease of life.
  • Return of institutionalized children to their families: Children thrive in a family environment more than in institutions. A case in point is the story of Eliška and Sylva, who were reunited with their formerly imprisoned mother after being in a children's home, thanks to support from social workers and family-focused efforts courtesy of the foundation.
  • Support for foster care and adoption: Abandoned children can find loving homes alongside people with big hearts eager to offer them a new life. One child in this position is Martina, who was rescued from a life in an orphanage by a foster mother, Kateřina, a decision that had a tremendously positive impact on the lives of both.
  • Helping abused children: Some children who endure painful experiences can find their way back to a happier childhood with help from psychologists and therapists. Anetka, a victim of abuse that led her to self-harm, is one of the children who found support and healing through therapy at the Children's Crisis Center.
  • A joyful childhood for institutionalized children: Children placed in the state's care deserve a fulfilling childhood with memorable experiences like stays in leisure camps, and nurturing relationships outside the institution. Teenager Anička said that such experiences helped her meet like-minded people her age and taught her how to be more independent.
  • Supporting the education of young people from children's homes: The speaker supports disadvantaged young people in pursuing their education and dreams. With the help of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, Adriana, who grew up in an orphanage, went on to receive a Master’s degree in social work.
  • Healing children's aching souls: Traumatic childhood experiences leave emotional scars that psychotherapy can help heal. This happened in the case of Fanda, who found a safe place to start healing after a difficult childhood through the Let's Leave Childhood to Children program.
  • Helping young people achieve independence: For young people who have been institutionalized, achieving independence is of utmost importance. A success story is that of Michaela, who is studying Economics and Management at Newton University in Brno and is making the transition to independent living with the foundation’s support.
You can also donate money to TERIBEAR via this QR code
You can also donate money to TERIBEAR via this QR code

how to register on the website

  • 1.Click on the Register button
  • 2.Select whether you are participating as an individual, team, or family
  • 3.Fill in your details
  • 4.Click on the "Continue" button
  • 5.Select which cause you want to help with your participation
  • 6.Click the "Continue" button
  • 7.Check your details and tick the consent boxes
  • 8.Click on the "Complete Registration" button
  • 9.Pay for your registration with a credit card
  • 10.Download the viRace app on the App Store or Google Play
  • 11.Open the app and click on "Login"
  • 12.Fill in your details, using the same email address as when registering on TERIBEAR
  • 13.You will receive the password to the app in an email from
  • 14.Click on the "Login" button
  • 15.Search for the TERIBEAR event in the app and you're done!

Through all these initiatives, the Tereza Maxová Foundation aims to change lives for the better and provide hope and assistance to those facing adversity, reinforcing the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to lead a better life.

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