Single-ride fares for Prague transit increase from August: here's what you need to know

Prices will rise for single tickets, tourist tickets, the Petřín cable car, and other categories – but the annual coupon price will remain the same.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 07.07.2021 12:48:00 (updated on 07.07.2021) Reading time: 4 minutes

Prices for some tickets on the Prague Integrated Transit (PID) system will increase on Aug. 1, but the annual pass will remain the same. With the price of single-trip tickets going up, the annual pass represents relatively bigger savings.

The PID system covers trams, buses, the metro, ferries, cable cars, and some commuter trains not only in Prague but in part of Central Bohemia. It is currently running an information campaign to encourage passengers to “Buy a Coupon” which costs CZK 3,650 for the whole year.

Over 50 methods will inform people of the changes, from classic brochures and leaflets to notice boards in vehicles and at stops, in metro stations, and at train stations, as well as stickers on ticket machines. Half a million information folders and brochures for passengers will be printed and distributed. New paper one-off tickets will be printed to reflect the new prices.

Tram stop sign for the price hike. (Photo: PID)
Tram stop sign for the price hike. (Photo: PID)

Approximately 600 ticket machines, 1,700 on-board computers in buses, 800 sales terminals in trams, and terminals in all ticket offices will be reprogrammed. A new version of the PID Lítačka mobile application is also being prepared.

"The Buy a Coupon campaign will gradually start appearing at the beginning of July and will intensify with the approaching change. And since we expect many people to return from holidays and vacations by the end of August, the campaign will continue until September,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr said.

“I believe that thanks to the cooperation between Prague and the Central Bohemian Region and their carriers, there should be no one who does not know about the change in fare prices. Our goal is for as many people as possible to purchase advantageous annual coupons, with which they can travel indefinitely throughout Prague for only 10 crowns a day,” Scheinherr added.

The campaign points out that after the changes a ticket for 90 minutes will be CZK 40 and for 30 minutes will be CZK 30, while annual the coupon is CZK 10 for the whole day. All information about the tariff changes is now available online.

Some changes are a bit hidden in the "fine" print. While the basic fine for not having a valid ticket remains at CZK 1,500, the discount for paying on the spot or withing 15 calendar days will drop, so that you now pay CZK 1,000 instead of CZK 800. You can also reduce the fine by buying an annual pass, but must do so within five days and then the fine is reduced to CZK 800.

Prices for transporting luggage and dogs are also changing.

Central Bohemian Integrated Transit (IDSK) director Zdeněk Šponar said the pandemic was to blame for the price hike. "The change in the tariff is an unpopular but necessary measure given the shortfalls in the Central Bohemia region's finances during the pandemic,” Šponar said.

“Thanks to [the hike] the standard of integrated public transport to which people in the region are accustomed will be preserved, and in this campaign they will easily see that despite the change in the tariff, traveling by public transport is still profitable for them,” Šponar added.

Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transist (ROPID) director Petr Tomčík said Prague and the Central Bohemian region will also use PID social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate the news to people.

“There are, of course, telephone infolines and information centers, including all points of sale. Motifs of the campaign encouraging the purchase of long-term coupons and informing about new fares will be visible not only on social networks but also on urban areas in the streets of Prague or at stops and in PID vehicles,” Tomčík said.

The new fare prices will apply from Aug. 1, 2021. Until then, it is possible to use tickets at current prices. Unused paper tickets can be returned after Aug/ 1 at the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) headquarters at Na Bojišti Street in Prague 2 until six months after their expiration. With the PID Lítačka mobile application, it will be possible to request a refund for tickets already purchased at the original prices.

Main changes to the PID Tariff from Aug. 1, 2021

  • Increase in the price of a single 30-minute ticket from CZK 24 to CZK 30 and a 90-minute ticket from CZK 32 to CZK 40 for travel within Prague (at the same time, however, the prices of long-term coupons for Prague are maintained)
  • Increase in the price of single and multi-day tourist tickets for Prague and the Central Bohemia region
  • Increase in prices of single and advance tickets in the Central Bohemian region by approx. 25 percent (annual coupons are preferable to tickets for shorter periods)
  • Simplification of proving free transport for children and juniors up to 18 years of age and seniors over 65 years of age in Prague public transport except trains (now it will be sufficient to prove age)
  • A new type of fare for people in material need receiving a subsistence allowance of approximately 70 percent of the normal fare
  • The cable car to Petřín will now cost CZK 60 per ride (coupon and tourist-ticket holders will still not have to pay anything)
  • Special Airport Express bus line for CZK 100 CZK (previously CZK 60)
  • Unification of the handling fee for issuing a pass or discount application on Lítačka to 60 CZK
  • Increase of surcharges to the fare for traveling without a valid travel document or for other violations of transport conditions
  • Change of prices for parking in P+R parking lots in Prague (now graded into 3 categories according to the distance from the center)

Source: PID

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