The Business Liga - Fun after work!

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Jan Purkrábek

Written by Jan Purkrábek Published on 27.09.2011 16:54:54 (updated on 27.09.2011) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Business Liga - Fun after work!

Business Liga is a new offshoot of the already-popular VŠ LIGA (University Amateur League), which has been active since 2007, established by Tomáš Reinbergr. Together with VŠ LIGA, there are over 5,000 members.

The league is intended for people of various ages who have already started working and wish to continue being active and do their favorite sports. The aim is to have fun, improve abilities, and meet new people both at league events as well as outside of them. From its start, it has become a great platform for meeting new partners and for establishing long-lasting relationships.

Business Liga offers the opportunity to take part in numerous sports, including badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, running, bowling, squash and tennis.  As of September 2011, squash, badminton, tennis, and beach volleyball leagues have taken off. The entire Business Liga offers regular leagues and also separate events for those interested in a more ad-hoc method of taking part in their favorite sport.

The Business Liga - Fun after work!

So how exactly can one take part in the Business Liga and its regular leagues? For a mere 600 CZK, you can join and take part in this challenge.

Each season consists of 4 rounds, which equates to 4 months. Each month consists of three inter-league matches and one match outside of the league. One of the unique features of the Business Liga is that you can join either at the start of the new season (from October 2011) or at the beginning of each of its months. Do not miss the chance to register now and begin right from the start. The prices for courts are greatly reduced due to the special conditions set for Business Liga.

There are 3 matches each month, where you can choose the time and place suitable to you. Some leagues are created for individuals and others for teams, where all performance levels are allowed. A Wild Card option is possible for advanced players to take part in higher leagues. Members are offered an easy-to-use online results and match-date negotiation systems to ensure a smooth progression throughout the season. Each user is also provided with a personal statistics overview and charts as part of their membership. The winners receive prizes such as mountain trips, equipment, and bags. 20 CZK from each payment goes to the Jedličkův ústav for handicapped sportsmen and women.


The Business Liga - Fun after work!

For those more interested in separate events, there are one-off tournaments, workshops, sport trips, and other cultural events available. The applicants do not need to be registered league players. The fees range from 300 – 500 CZK for these individual tournaments, offering an alternative to the league events.

The actual process of signing up for either the Business Liga or the separate events is very simple. One has to register, charge up their e-wallet, choose a league and then consult any questions with the league administrator if needed. Separate events can be visited by anyone.

Regardless of what you prefer, the Business Liga has something for everyone. Head out to for more information, and register if you are ready to take up a challenge!

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