7 best things to do in Prague this weekend, June 4–6

Cool off with handmade popsicles, see some lesser-known works from František Skála, and catch an English-friendly screening at Edison Filmhub.

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 04.06.2021 13:24:00 (updated on 05.06.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes


The Prague City Gallery (GMPH) venue at Stone Bell House is showing lesser-known illustrations as well as sculptures, paintings and performances created by František Skála in a show called And Other Works. He has created illustrations for children’s books, scientific publications, photographic comic strips, and other publications, using various art techniques. Many of his more famous works were seen recently at Galerie Rudolfinum and the Wallenstein Riding School. The often previously unseen items in this show are intended to expose his poetic and mysterious side. More information is at the GMPH website.


Edison Filmhub. (Photo: Film Europe)
Edison Filmhub. (Photo: Film Europe)

Edison Filmhub reopened on Tuesday, June 1, exactly two years after it first started functioning as a venue for film. The venue is operated by distributor Film Europe, and shows mainly European art films, often with both Czech and English subtitles. "Edison caters to a cultural audience that wants something more and needs help in the form of a quality film map. It offers a curated selection of films, debates on topics, in short, context. It's for anyone who doesn't need the culture of the 'plex' and misses a stylish, fragrant cinema café in the centre." Film Europe director Ivan Hronec said. English-friendly offerings this weekend include the Oscar-wining Danish film Another Round, another Danish drama called Riders of Justice, the documentary I Am Greta. There is also a screening of the American film Nomandland, which won Oscars for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.


With warm weather finally here, people will no doubt want to cool off. Nanuky Lunar sells its handmade popsicles – or ice lollies to those from the UK – at almost a dozen places in Prague, including the newly opened home base next to Lelí's Cupcakes at Vyšehradská 53, just off of Karlovo náměstí. They also have an e-shop for delivery. The makers, Jakub and Lelí, describe their frozen treats as cosmically beautiful and heavenly good. They decided that quality popsicles were missing from the local culinary offer, and after some research into getting the right balance of hardness and flavor began selling them at fairs in 2018. They are also crowd funding to get a bigger machine so they can expand faster. Find out more about where to get the gourmet icy delights on Facebook or the Nanuky Lunar website.


Cross Club. (Photo: Facebook)
Cross Club. (Photo: Facebook)

The uniquely decorated venue Cross Club in Prague’s Holešovice launches the summer season on Saturday, June 5, at 6 pm with a concert from N.O.H.A. soundsystem and guests. Tickets are limited, due to restrictions, and no dancing is allowed. Cross Club is one of several music venues that were particularly hard hit by the lockdown, and the operators appreciate any efforts to help them stay afloat. Tickets are available from the Goout network.


Reflections, Vektroskop 2020. (Photo: Petr Vacek)
Reflections, Vektroskop 2020. (Photo: © Petr Vacek)

Visual artists are participating in Vektroskop, which will have two shows of laser light and music at divadlo Archa. The Reflection of Reflection concert on June 4 inspired by the concepts used in Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Album, such as greed and loneliness. Jazz and electronic dance music artists will be faced with programmed and robotic objects. A jam session on June 6 takes inspiration from William Gibson's cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. More information can be found on the Archa website.  


Aquacentrum Šutka. (Photo: Facebook)
Aquacentrum Šutka. (Photo: Facebook)

Pools managed by the city are welcoming their first visitors. Aquacentrum Šutka resumes operation on Friday, June 4. Bazén Strahov opened May 3. The latter will be open this weekend on Saturday but not Sunday. Based on the current government measure, the facilities will operate under a stricter regime with reduced capacity. Swimmers over the age of 6 will need to present a certificate showing they have been vaccinated against, tested for, or recovered from Covid. Work, school, or self-tests are not accepted. Aquacentrum Šutka is limited to 135 users, while Bazén Strahov can have 47. Up-to-date info can be found on the Facebook pages for Aquacentrum Šutka and Bazén Strahov.


Seasonal trains will run on weekends until the end of October. Prague Integrated Transit (PID) this weekend recommends taking a vintage 1960s train to the Kokořín region and the town of Mšeno. From there, people can take the nine-kilometer circular Cinibulkova nature trail or for the more adventurous, a hike past intriguing mushroom-shaped rock formations all the way the romantically restored Kokořín castle. There is also a natural swimming pond called Harasov, but the water is still a bit cold. More info including travel times and a schematic map can be found on Facebook.

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