Barrandov Bridge reconstruction cripples morning traffic in Prague

The second phase of renovations will have a bigger impact on traffic than last year's initial work did. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 15.05.2023 10:09:00 (updated on 15.05.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague road workers started the second phase of repairs of the Barrandov Bridge (Barrandovský most) this morning. Work will take place on the left half of the southern bridge in the direction from Smíchov to Braník and on the Barrandov ramp from K Barrandovu Street. The work will last until August 14.

The impacts on traffic will be far greater than in the first phase, as the closed section was used by twice as many cars.

Prague Deputy Mayor Zdenek Hřib, responsible for transportation, said traffic in Prague started to thicken on Monday morning due to the bad weather combined with the renovations. "I recommend everyone to avoid the Barrandov Bridge or miss the peak or use alternative public transport," he said in a press release.

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda said asked everyone involved for maximum patience and consideration – both toward other drivers and the technicians and workers carrying out the work.

Drivers should use a bypass route via the Prague Ring Road. The exit to Písnice will be open. The accessible ramp from Modřanská to the South Junction has already been extended. Just like last year, the return ramp at Lihovar will be in operation, which will be used by drivers going from K Barrandovu Street to the South Junction. It will be strengthened during public transport repairs, and there will be temporary dedicated bus lanes in selected streets.

As part of the repairs, traffic to the Blanka tunnel complex is also being regulated and the speed is reduced.

Renovations will be broken up over several years

The renovation of the bridge began last year on the southern half of its southern section. The work is spread over several years and will only last part of the year. Total repair costs will amount to CZK 594.5 million crowns. The two-part bridge from 1983 has never been repaired until now.

"Over the weekend we built traffic measures and it was already possible to work on the construction site yesterday, so yesterday the guardrails were dismantled," Technical Roadways Administration (TSK) director Josef Richter told ČTK.

Workers are already milling the road and preparing access to the supporting structure. "Everything is already going full speed ahead," Richter said.

The roadway milling should be done by Tuesday, and then workers will begin breaking down the cornices that have been drilled and cut by workers. "Heavy machinery will come and break down the cornices with jackhammers. We have to dispose of the current cornices. Then comes the insulation removal," Richter said.

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