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From bohemian vibes in Žižkov to riverside living on the Vltava, we took a look at different apartment styles throughout the Czech capital. Staff

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Prague is known not only for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture but also for its diverse range of apartments available for rent. Prague apartment rentals cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a family looking for a new flat to call home, Prague has something for everyone.

From the historic charm of Old Town and the modern elegance of New Town to the bohemian vibes of Žižkov and the peaceful retreats of its outer boroughs, the capital provides you with plenty of choices.

We asked Mikuláš Hrubý, head of residential rentals at Engel & Völkers Prague, to break down what this unique market has to offer.     

Historic charm in Old Town apartments

Prague’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasting cobblestone streets, famous landmarks, and stunning architecture. Apartments in this area often feature a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. From cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom flats, living in the heart of Old Town provides a unique experience surrounded by the city's rich history.

Modern elegance in New Town residences

New Town, a district established in the 14th century, may be called “new,” but it is still steeped in history. Apartments in this area tend to be more modern, with sleek designs and contemporary amenities. High-rise buildings offer stunning views of the city, and the area is known for its lively atmosphere with trendy cafes, shops and cultural venues.

Peaceful retreats in residential districts

Beyond its bustling city center, Prague offers various residential districts that provide a quieter and more peaceful living environment. Areas like Vinohrady and Bubeneč are popular choices for those seeking a residential retreat. Apartments here often come with green spaces, parks and a more relaxed pace of life while still being well-connected to the city center.

Bohemian vibes in Žižkov

Žižkov, often considered the bohemian quarter of Prague, is known for its artistic spirit and alternative culture. Apartments in Žižkov are characterized by unique, eclectic designs. The neighborhood is dotted with quirky cafes, art galleries, and vibrant street art. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate a more offbeat and creative atmosphere.

Riverside living along the Vltava

Imagine waking up to the gentle flow of the Vltava River outside your window. The riverside apartments in Prague offer breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. Whether it's in the upscale district of Smíchov or the charming area of Malá Strana, living by the river provides a picturesque setting and easy access to scenic walks along the water.

Montmartre vibes in Vršovice

Often referred to as the “Montmartre of Prague,” Vršovice is a district with artistic flair and a laid-back atmosphere. This up-and-coming neighborhood has gained popularity for its bohemian spirit and eclectic community. Apartments in Vršovice often feature unique designs, and the streets are adorned with colorful graffiti and street art. The area is known for its diverse range of independent shops, quirky cafes, and vibrant cultural events.

Living in Vršovice provides residents with a taste of the artistic and alternative scene, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a neighborhood that fosters creativity and individuality. With its charming streets and creative energy, Vršovice adds another dimension to Prague’s tapestry of diverse living experiences.

Luxurious romance in Malá Strana

Nestled beneath the Prague Castle and connected to the Old Town by the iconic Charles Bridge, Malá Strana is a testament to timeless elegance and romance. This district is synonymous with luxurious living, featuring a collection of beautifully restored Baroque and Renaissance buildings. Apartments in Malá Strana often boast breathtaking views of the Vltava River and the city's skyline.

Cobblestone streets wind through charming squares, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captures the essence of Prague's romantic allure. Residents of Malá Strana enjoy easy access to upscale restaurants, boutique shops, and historic landmarks, making it a coveted choice for those seeking a sophisticated and romantic living experience in the heart of this fairytale city.

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