7 universities with English-language degree programs in Prague

Despite Covid, interest in studying in the Czech capital remains high. Here are seven schools that offer coursework in the English language.

Marcus Bradshaw Diana Bocco

Written by Marcus BradshawDiana Bocco Published on (updated on 01.11.2021) Reading time: 4 minutes

*** written thru summer 2021 by Marcus, Daniel sent to Diana on Nov 1st 2021 to edit, reedit, rewrite .... ORIGINAL text by Marcus in Daniel's email as a backup only **

This article was written in association with Study in Prague a consortium of seven elite universities in the Czech capital offering a wide range of study programs in international business, mathematics, food, agriculture, art, film, photography, design, architecture, journalism, medicine, sociology, and much more. Many of the individual faculties offer financial support for students from abroad. Read more about our partner content policies see here.

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